‘The Mens Shed Movement’ book now published!




Invented in Australia, the remarkable men’s shed movement has spread from the back blocks of Australia to reach a total of more than 1,400 Men’s Sheds in diverse countries on opposite sides of the world.

This book ‘The Men’s Shed Movement: The Company of Men’ provides a fascinating, carefully evidenced and definitive story of Men’s Sheds for the first time. It is a book and Movement whose time has come. Many nations are struggling to meet the needs and interests of men beyond the workplace. Over two decades, the men’s shed movement has mushroomed from the ground up to become a strongly networked international movement, not only in Australia, but now Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, and continental Europe.

How and why this has happened and what the evidence and research means for service providers, communities and the men in the Men’s Shed Movement is thoroughly explored. Lead author, Professor Barry Golding, Federation University Australia, is the respected world expert in the field, being a Patron of the Australian Men’s Shed Association and the winner of the coveted ‘Ted Donnelly Award ‘in 2013 for his “outstanding contribution to the men’s shed movement.”

Order books on line (eBook USD$10)  or hard copy USD$30 (postage US$15  extra outside of the US) via Common Ground Publshing in the US, see order form via http://www.agingandsociety.cgpublishing.com

Information via this link:


Books are also available in Australia for order directly from Barry Golding b.golding@federation.edu.au for $40 AUD. Postage anywhere in Australia an extra A$10  for  1 to 4 books.

A  brief  Index to all 90 case studies and Men’s Sheds Associations in the book is available to help readers find Sheds of particular interest to them via CaseStudyIndex6Aug15

A comprehensive Thematic Index is provided below


One thought on “‘The Mens Shed Movement’ book now published!”

  1. Hi Barry thanks for the information about the book! Looks good. In Berlin now my last stop! It’s been a great sightseeing adventure in 3,countries! Hot too all the way! In Prague we had 39.7 C their hottest temp ever! Catch up later! Guess your trip begins at soon too? Rob


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