Professor (Adjunct)  Barry Golding AM

The photo is a shaft of light streaming into the 400 year old brick and mud dome of the Meybod iceworks in Iran. Water was frozen outside in shallow ponds in winter and brought inside for use in the extreme summer in the adjacent caravanserai (lodgings on the Silk Road) protected by the 2m thick walls.

Faculty of Education & Arts, Federation University Australia, Ballarat

Patron, Australian Men’s Shed Association & recipient of the ‘Ted Donnelly’ Award, 2013 for outstanding service to the Men’s Shed Movement.

Inaugural Chair, International Men’s Shed Organisation (IMSO)

Past President and past Board member, Adult Learning Australia

Editorial Board Member, Australian Journal of Adult Learning (from 2018-20);  2018-19  Editorial Board Member of Studies in Adult Education and Learning / Andragoška spoznanja.

Past President & Life Member, Great Dividing Trail Association

Member, Community Reference Committee, Reconciliation Action Plan, Hepburn Shire. 2017-20.

‘Men learning through life’ (Book, 2014. NIACE), with Dr Annette Foley & Dr Rob Mark, UK book flyer; Men Learning through Life – EURO flyer

The Men’s Shed Movement: The Company of Men, Book. Common Ground Publishing, USA http://www.agingandsociety.com , Published August 2015.


3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Greetings Barry,
    the NRMA did an article on Mens Sheds on their online site which also appeared on facebook.
    Pity that most of the comments are by women though.
    I just rang Barry Lacey in Newstead to ask if any Newstead Shedders do facebook & could they put a comment or 2 up on the facebook post.

    Pity that the NRMA used a Getty Image to illustrate – damned annoying AND he is clearly only 50ish. Would have been a great opportunity for a REAL photo of a shedder or two
    Clunk – he thinks that NOT ONE of the 35 do facebook. BUGGER.
    Can you put any shedders onto this facebook post for purpose of some comments . . . . from a bloke?
    the NRMA link is

    Good article but often facebook users ONLY read the summary & then comment. The facebook link is called LIVING WELL NAVIGATOR.

    Apologies if you know this already but my request for a shedder comment or 2 is still relevant I think.

    Enjoying your book –
    best regards,
    Allie Dawe,

  2. Hi Barry
    I really enjoyed reading your Golding connections page. I found it as I was looking for some background on my uncle Ged (Geddie Thomas). You mention Thomas Geddie, are these the same or were there two? My Grandfather was Edmund Palmer and my mum was Marjorie twin sister to Dorothy (but you might not remember her as she spent her life after the war in the UK.

    1. Thanks John

      I knew Uncle Ged, Ed and Marj from the farm out of Donald. Dorothy in the 1960s was a guide commissioner in Donald who I knew well as my mother also worked with the guides each Friday afternoon. I’m assuming these are the same relatives. Barry

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