Tertiary Tracks

Tertiary Tracks, Registered Business #1329913P, ABN 16016340572

Strap grafted red gum on Loddon River upstream of Hamilton Crossing, Neereman

Tertiary Tracks, sole proprietor Barry Golding,  prides itself on undertaking and completing nimble, ethical, high quality, cutting  edge research, on time and on budget. Multi site, mixed method studies of learning in and through community settings beyond the metropolis is a particular specialty.

Postal Address: 420 Kingston Rd, Kingston 3364, Victoria, Australia

Reflections on the underside of Kerin’s Bridge over Birches Creek, Kingston

Email enquiries: b.golding@federation.edu.au

0427216337, Phone 53456343

Tertiary Tracks was created 25 years ago by Barry Golding (in 1997) to undertake innovative, responsive, critical, customised, research  into all aspects of adult learning in community settings.

In the 20 years since, Tertiary Tracks has completed over 100 large and very small research projects, ranging from evaluations of programs, analysis of data, research reports and large empirical, mixed method field studies.

Tertiary Tracks also handles the distribution of Barry’s books and publications.

The Lost Lake, on the top of the range west of Lake Wartook, The Grampians, Victoria

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