‘Men’s Shed’ Research Update: all articles 2015- July 2016


Men’s Shed Research Published Internationally, 2015 to mid 2016

Adjunct Professor Barry Golding

The Men’s Shed Movement: The Company of Men book published in 2015 (Barry Golding, Ed: Champaign: Common Ground) lists all literature (103 total articles) about Men’s Sheds published between 1995 and 2014 (Table 9, pages 423-421).

The table below lists all literature (21 articles: 18 published in 2015, 3 published to July 2016) published in the 18 months between January 2015 and July 2016 thatincludes ‘Men’s Shed’ in the title. The table, sorted by first Author uses the same categorisation of articles as in Barry Golding’s Men’s Shed Movement (2015) book.

If anyone is aware of research articles that have been published but are not included in his book or this updated list, please advise Barry Golding b.golding@federation.edu.au

 Published Men’s Shed-related Articles, January 2015 to July 2016 
AUTHORS Article & Publication details Study Type & Data Source Year Status
Ang, S., Cavanagh, J., Southcombe, A., Bartram, T., Marjoribanks, T. & McNeil, N. ‘Human resource management, social connectedness and health and well-being of older and retired men: The role of Men’s Sheds’. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, pp.1-31. M: Australian survey, 200+ Men’s Shed; 419 shedder responses, 162 Shed leaders. 2015 A*
Carragher, L. Golding, B. ‘Older Men as Learners: Irish Men’s Sheds as an Intervention’, Adult Education Quarterly, 1-17, On line. 0741713615570894. D: Irish empirical research, 30 Men’s Sheds, Ireland. 2015 A* 1
Cavanagh, J., Shaw, A. & Bartram, T. ‘An investigation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men’s learning through Men’s Sheds in Australia’. Australian Aboriginal Studies, (1), pp.55-67. I: 15 men’s groups, 45 men. 2016 A*
Cordier, R., Wilson, N., Stancliffe, R., MacCallum, J., Vaz, S., Buchanan, A., Ciccarelli, M. & Falkmer, T. ‘Formal intergenerational mentoring at Australian Men’s Sheds: A targeted survey about mentees, mentors, programmes and quality’. Health & Social Care in the Community. M: 40 Australian Men’s Sheds, 387 mentees. 2015 A* 1
Culph, J., Wilson, N., Cordier, R. & Stancliffe, R. ‘Men’s Sheds and the experience of depression in older Australian men’. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, 62(5), pp.306-315. H: 12 men, 3 Australian Men’s Sheds. 2015 A* 3
Ford, S., Scholz, B. & Lu, V. ‘Social shedding: Identification and health of men’s sheds users’. Health Psychology, 34(7), p.775-778 H: Survey, 322 Australian shedders. 2015 A* 2
Golding, B. ‘Men learning through life (and Men’s Sheds)’. Adult Learning, 26(4), p.170. L, C: Literature-based. 2015 A*
Golding, B. (Ed.) The men’s shed movement: The company of men. Champaign: Illinois C, O, R: History & Scoping of Men’s Sheds internationally. 2015 Book
Golding, B. & Carragher, L. ‘Community Men’s Sheds and Informal Learning: An Exploration of their Gendered Roles’, in J. Ostrouch-Kaminska & C. Vieira, Private World(s): Gender and Informal Learning of Adults. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. C: Australian & Irish empirical research from multiple Men’s Sheds. 2015 B
Hansji, N., Wilson, N. & Cordier, R. ‘Men’s Sheds: Enabling environments for Australian men living with and without long‐term disabilities’. Health & Social Care in the Community, 23(3), pp.272-281. D: On Australian Men’s Shed, 12 interviews. 2015 A* 9
md consulting Learning about Community Capacity Building from the Spread of Men’s Sheds in Scotland. Dungarven: md consulting. B: Scoping study, 42 Sheds, Scotland. 2015 B
Milligan, C., Neary, D., Payne, S. et al. ‘Older Men and Social Activity: A Scoping Review of Men’s Sheds and other Gendered Interventions’, Aging and Society, 1-29. R: Critical review of 31 Men’s Sheds papers. 2015 A* 2
Milligan, C., Payne, S., Bingley, A. et al. ‘Place and Wellbeing: Shedding Light in Activity Interventions for Older Men’, Ageing and Society, 35 (1), (published on line Aug 2013). P: Program evaluation, Mixed method, 3 Sheds, UK. 2015 A*
Misan, G. & Oosterbroek, C. ‘South Australian Men’s Sheds: Who, what and why?’ New Male Studies, https://www.newmalestudies.com/OJS/index.php/nms/article/view/207 42 South Australian Men’s Sheds, 163 shedders. 2015 A
Moylan, M., Carey, L., Blackburn, R. & Hayes, R. ‘The Men’s Shed: Providing biopsychosocial and spiritual support’. Journal of Religion and Health, 54(1), pp.221-234. O: One Men’s Shed, Melbourne, interviews, 21 men 2015 A* 6
Schroeder, J, Sowden, J. & Watt, J. Social Return on Investment: The Westhill and District Men’s Shed, Scotland, Scottish Men’s Sheds Association. S: Case study, one Scottish Men’s Shed. 2015 R
Southcombe, A., Cavanagh, J. & Bartram, T. ‘Retired men and Men’s Sheds in Australia’. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 36(8), pp.972-989. M: Interviews, Australian Men’s Shed groups 2015 A*
Waling, A & Fildes, D. Don’t fix what ain’t broke’: evaluating the effectiveness of a Men’s Shed in inner‐regional Australia. Health & Social Care in the Community. Online 20 June 2016. DOI: 10.1111/hsc.12365. H: One Australian Men’s Shed, 22 surveys, 20 interviews. 2016 A*
Wilson, N., Cordier, R., Doma, K., Misan, G. & Vaz, S., ‘Men’s Sheds function and philosophy: Towards a framework for future research and men’s health promotion’. Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 26(2), pp.133-141. H: International Men’s Shed online survey. 2015 A* 3
Wilson, N., Cordier, R., Parsons, R., Vaz, S. & Buchanan, A. ‘Men with disabilities: A cross sectional survey of health promotion, social inclusion and participation at community Men’s Sheds’. Disability and Health Journal, 9(1), pp.118-126. D: International Men’s Shed online survey. 2016 A*
Wilson, N., Stancliffe, R., Gambin, N., Craig, D., Bigby, C. and Balandin, S. ‘A case study about the supported participation of older men with lifelong disability at Australian community-based Men’s Sheds’. Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability, 40(4), pp.330-341. C/D: 9 Older shedders. 2015 A* 2

KEY: Status’ column: A: Published Journal article (* indicates peer review); B: Reports, book chapters or thesis; C: Conference paper; D: Evaluation document; E: Other. The number indicates how often the article had been cited to 21 July 2016. ‘Study Type & Data Source’ column: First letter indicates the main themes explored in the article: C: Critical; L: Learning; D: Disability; H: Health; I: Indigenous; M: Management; S Case Study; P: Program Evaluation; R: Literature review; O: Other.


Author: barrygoanna

Honorary Professor, Federation University Australia: researcher in men's learning through community contexts, author of 'Men learning through life' 2014) book (NIACE, UK), 'The Men's Shed Movement: The Company of Men' (2015) & 'Shoulder to Shoulder: Broadening the Men's Shed Movement' (2021) books, both published Common Ground Publishing, US.

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