Men’s Sheds in Denmark and Sweden


imageMaens Modesteder in Swedish, literally

‘Men’s Meeting  Place, in English.

in Stevns, Denmark, officially opened 15 September 2015, one of nine sites where ‘Men’s Shed’ type organisations are being established, based on the Australian concept, with a ‘Danish cultural twist’.


‘Shedders’ in the Stevns Maens Modesteder after the opening.

Shed  i Malmo


Established in Malmö, Sweden by expatriate Australian Will English (in black sweater) and friends. Photo taken by Barry Golding, 14 September 2015



Author: barrygoanna

Honorary Professor, Federation University Australia: researcher in men's learning through community contexts, author of 'Men learning through life' 2014) book (NIACE, UK), 'The Men's Shed Movement: The Company of Men' (2015) & 'Shoulder to Shoulder: Broadening the Men's Shed Movement' (2021) books, both published Common Ground Publishing, US.

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