Reviews of Men’s Shed Movement book


James Sutherland, Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, New Zealand

‘The detail and scope of the ‘The Men’s Shed Movement: The Company of Men’ is extremely impressive. From the perspective of a New Zealand based researcher, this book has provided a wealth of information about the development of the Men’s Shed movement, and how it has benefited those involved. It situates the Shed I’m involved with, The Taieri Blokes Shed, within the scope of a wider entity. I would recommend this book as an essential purchase for any Men’s Shed bookcase.’

Emale, Men’s Health Magazine, October 2015

‘…  Barry’s book is a truly amazing work, detailing the history of men’s sheds in Australia and globally. He notes how the “men’s shed movement” in Australia was supported by the Australian Men’s Health Forum’s National Conferences which “provided an important point of contact between men’s health workers and those working in the growing Men’s Shed space for almost two decades.” The final chapter of this massive work looks at issues, trends and possibilities for the future of men’s sheds. I found this chapter the most engrossing as he suggests “this book provides evidence that, aside from the benefits of Men’s Sheds to men’s health and wellbeing, there are numerous social justice benefits of working with men and boys, exposing boys and men to traditionally masculine and non-masculine knowledges, improving their relationships with other humans, including women and other men, and thereby establishing a more just society”. This is a masterful work and a book that all people who have an interest in men and social justice should read. It has something for everyone – a bit like most sheds do.”

Dr Rob Mark, Ireland :

“Along  with Men learning through life (2014),  this is another very useful book which demonstrates how a focus on men’s learning can bring very many different benefits not only to the men themselves, but to their families and communities. It demonstrates how lifelong learning empowers individuals to make a difference in their personal and home/community life. It provides further evidence of the value in supporting men’s learning in non-traditional learning contexts.”

[Honorary Secretary, Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL) UK; Editor, The Adult Learner Journal; Honorary Research Fellow, School of Education , University of Strathclyde, Glasgow; Honorary Research Fellow, Higher Education Research Centre, Dublin City University.]

“Reading it now. Great survey, lots of insights. Very useful”, Roger Spicer, (Halswell Menzshed Christcurch, New Zealand).

If you or others  are interested in reviewing the book, please contact  Barry Golding and request a copy, confirming where the review would appear.

Author: barrygoanna

Honorary Professor, Federation University Australia: researcher in men's learning through community contexts, author of 'Men learning through life' 2014) book (NIACE, UK), 'The Men's Shed Movement: The Company of Men' (2015) & 'Shoulder to Shoulder: Broadening the Men's Shed Movement' (2021) books, both published Common Ground Publishing, US.

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  1. Reading it now. Great survey , lots of insights. Very useful. Roger (Halswell Menzshed Christcurch NZ)

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