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Women’s Sheds Internationally

Last updated 22 Aug 2022

 Honorary Professor Barry Golding  (Federation University, Ballarat, Australia) & 

Dr Lucia Carragher (Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dundalk, Ireland)

 2022 NEWS:

During mid 2022 Barry & Lucia are updating the information in the Table at the bottom of this blog. Some updated information from New Zealand ‘Womenz’ Sheds was provided by Dr Linda Warner, Massey University NZ. If you are able to help us fill in the gaps by supplying any of the missing information, please get in touch with us: for Australian & NZ Women’s Sheds, to Barry: b.golding@federation.edu.au, and for Irish & UK Women’s Sheds to Lucia: lucia.carragher@dkit.ie. 

  1. The Australian Women’s Shed Community conducted its first ‘National Women’s Shed Week’ to coincide with International Women’s Day in 2022. Nell Harvey of the Coolum Women’s Shed advises that all the information about the week’s activities can be found via the link below:


The main themes in 2022 were  #SHEddies and #OurTimeOurSpace.

2. With the cooperation of Federation University and ALA,  our 2021 Women’s Shed scoping study,  was published in the Australian Journal of Adult Learning, http://researchonline.federation.edu.au/vital/access/HandleResolver/1959.17/180068

3. Women’s Sheds in Australia, the UK and Ireland to June 2022 are coalescing around current or proposed national Women’s Shed associations with contact details as below:


The history and development of the now international Men’s Sheds movement is reasonably well known (The Men’s Shed Movement: The Company of Men, 2015).

Around the same time that Barry Golding was researching this book, a small number of Shed-based community organisations had begun to spring up in Australia and elsewhere that were created instead mainly for and by women. In the five years since there has been a significant growth in the number of Women’s Sheds (some called by other names including  ‘She Sheds’), some as offshoots of existing Men’s Sheds, planned or opened, particularly in Australia, Ireland and the UK.

We aim to progressively map the field internationally and share whatever information individual Women’s Sheds are happy to contribute. If there is information missing or wrong, please let us know.

What follows outlines the international situation in relation to the emerging ‘Women’s Sheds’ movement to October 2021. It was evident from the rapidly expanding table at the foot of this blog that there was a sufficient number of such ‘Women’s ‘Sheds’ open or active before the COVID shutdown, to justify our initial 2021 international scoping study.

Is is also evident from the number of times this blog has been visited that there is considerable interest in Women’s Sheds internationally.

We are aware of how incredibly isolated some Women’s shedders feel. As Ger Scully told us from Beara Women’s Shed in  a remote area of Cork, “I have no idea if the interest will be there [for our Shed]  after restrictions are lifted. A few of us stay in touch on Whats App, but it’s hard to say if we will be continuing . Insurance costs are €500, so that money is hard to raise with so few members. I would love to hear a bit more about what you have discovered about Women’s Sheds in Ireland. It seems to me that they start up and then disappear after a year or two. I only found another one in Donegal. Is that one still functioning ? It would be a real help to us to get some encouragement . Please do stay in touch if you have or can give us any information.”

Given that many Shed-based community organizations including Women’s Sheds were in partial or total lockdown during much of 2020-21, we have relied on publicly available information from the web, augmented by information provided by informants via email and published in this data base with their permission.

At least one half of Women’s Sheds open or developing (before the early 2020 COVID shutdown)  had a publicly available email address on the internet and most have a Facebook site. Around one quarter of the rest have a publicly accessible contact name, phone number or physical location.

Our first aim as researchers is, with the assistance of Women’s Shed practitioners to fill in the missing gaps in the Table on the bottom of this blog and make this Women’s Shed database publicly accessible. We  plan to regularly update the blog as new information comes in. We anticipate this will enable individuals and organisations developing Women’s Sheds to network, contact, learn from and support each other.

Barry Golding used a similar process to create and circulate a Men’s Shed data base to inform and productively support early Australian Men’s Sheds between 2005 and 2007. At that time blog-based public platforms were less common  and the information was circulated mainly by email. Since 2007 the Australian database has been maintained by the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA). Since the creation of IMSA in Ireland, UKMSA in the UK and MENZSHED  New Zealand during the past decade, searchable ‘Find a Men’s Shed’ sites have been available online in Australia, Ireland, the UK and New Zealand.

Our second aim is to more closely identify the genesis, scale, scope, spread, nature and impact of the Women’s Shed sector. We are aware from our previous research into the impact of Men’s Sheds on communities and individuals, that governments and not-for-profit organisations make funding decisions that rely on rigorously collected evidence and research. To this point, no such reliable evidence is available for Women’s Sheds.

Barry & Lucia with Associate Professor Annette Foley have written a journal article called ‘The Women’s Shed Movement: Scoping the field internationally’. published in the July 2021  Australian Journal of Adult Learning. They are also working up a proposal for a field-based, international Women’s Shed research study.

Barry and Lucia have written a Chapter about ‘Women’s Sheds Worldwide’ (Chapter 10, pages 319-353) in Barry Golding’s new book, Shoulder to Shoulder: Broadening the Men’s Shed Movement, published in October 2021  in the US through Common Ground Publishing, as a sequel to Barry’s 2015 book, The Men’s Shed Movement: The Company of Men.  If you are based in Australia and would like to purchase a copy of either book (in soft cover) at the discounted author price of AUD$55 (add $10 postage), please contact Barry: b.golding@federation.edu.au

Barry Golding, Lucia Carragher and Annette Foley collaborated to publish a peer reviewed journal article published in July 2021 in the Australian Journal of Adult Learning 61(2), 150-174, called ‘The Women’s Shed Movement: Scoping the field internationally’.

Separately, Barry, Lucia and Annette have written up a number of other papers based on field  interviews we have conducted in Australian and Irish Men’s Sheds. This research is examining the impact of Men’s Sheds on significant others, particularly wives and partners of male shedders. In the process we have come across a number of rural Men’s Sheds where women participate and are involved in the Shed, sometimes on equal terms with men but more often on different days to the men. Some of this research will be published in academic journals during 2022. The next one to be published during 2022 is ‘Shedding light: A qualitative study of women’s views on Men’s Sheds in Ireland and Australia’ in the Journal, Health and Social Care in the Community.

It is clear that many women also and separately enjoy somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk with, sometimes in the sole company of other women. Our research should produce some useful, new and timely evidence about the nature and impact of Women’s Sheds.

Women’s Sheds

Women’s Sheds are essentially community places and spaces where women can come together at any life stage, engage in a variety of activities and connect with other women in an all (or mostly) female environment. While most adopt an organisational title which puts the name of the place first, e.g. ‘Port Macquarie Women’s Shed’, around one third put ‘Women’s Shed’ up front, e.g. ‘Women’s Shed Seymour’.

Many Women’s Sheds have been created as grassroots community organisations, typically led by one or a small number of passionate and well-networked women. Most make extensive use of social media, particularly Facebook, and many have dedicated websites.

Some Women’s Sheds have emerged as separate entities or been operating out of or through an existing Men’s Shed organisation or building. Some began or are now operated in an auspice arrangement through an existing community organisation such as a community centre. Others have been set up independently as stand alone Women’s Shed organisations, though relatively few appear to own their purpose built premises.

The rationale for particular Women’s Sheds appears similarly diverse. What is different from Men’s Sheds, at least superficially, is that very few Women’s Sheds appear to be focused specifically on older women. Most have been driven by a perceived community need to connect, empower and involve women of all ages.

Patrick Abrahams,  UK Men’s Sheds Association Ambassador has recently concluded, on the basis of observations of quite a few Women’s Sheds start-ups across the UK, that ‘ ... they typically follow a different development path than the Men’s Sheds in the UK. Women’s Sheds often gather a large number of members early on, and this quite rapidly dwindles. This was happening even before the shutdowns forced by the COVID 19 pandemic. By contrast Men’s Sheds typically start slowly and then grow. The overall failure rate of Women’s Sheds in the UK tends to be much higher than Men’s or Community-based Sheds. I think this caused by the greater need in Women’s Sheds of training/support on DIY/woodwork and other skills (or specific planned group activities). By contrast, Men’s Sheds seem to be more self-sufficient, in terms of individuals undertaking projects without the need for support, training or group activities’.

It is clear from the information generously provided by Women’s Sheds in the tables below that many are struggling with recognition, finding it hard to attract funding and create a permanent meeting place. From 1 October 2020 the ability for Women’s Sheds to attract funds within Australia was boosted by the declaration by the Australian  Taxation Office (ATO) of DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient Status of community sheds, defined as ‘Men’s Sheds and Women’s Sheds’.

The ATO condition is that the Women’s Shed  organisation’s dominant purposes ‘must be advancing mental health and preventing or relieving social isolation’, are ‘seeking to achieve those purposes principally by providing a physical location where it supports individuals to undertake activities, or work projects, in the company of others‘. Further, either: ‘ there is no particular criteria for membership for your organisation; or the criteria for membership relate only to an individual’s gender or Indigenous status (in that membership is, for cultural reasons, open only to Indigenous persons), or both. Further information see:https://www.ato.gov.au/General/New-legislation/In-detail/Other-topics/Not-for-profit/Extending-deductible-gift-recipient-status-to-Men-s-Sheds-and-Women-s-Sheds-(community-sheds)/

The Irish Times (11 Jan 2020)  reported the opening up of funding to Irish Women’s Sheds as well as Men’s Sheds. The Irish Minister of Rural Affairs (Michael Ring) said that ‘Since its establishment less than 10 years ago, the impact of the men’s sheds movement has been phenomenal,” Mr Ring said. “I’ve no doubt that the emergence of women’s sheds can only be a good thing for community life in Ireland. ”

These funding  issues associated with Sheds setting up were common to many early Men’s Sheds before the movement gained traction after the mid 2000s in Australia and in Ireland and the UK from 2010. Once Men’s Sheds started to actively network and research became available to buttress their claims about impact the. Movement took off in leaps and bounds.

To March 2021 approximately 200  research articles, many peer reviewed and including several Masters and PhD theses, had been published internationally about Men’s Sheds. Until Women’s Sheds are able to get wider recognition including from academics it will be difficult to produce evidence of impact other than by extrapolation from  Men’s Sheds research.

Despite their positive ideals and early successes, some early Women’s Sheds were closed or in recess as a consequence of feeling isolated and lacking community support, even before the COVID1 pandemic. As researchers committed to being of assistance, we hope that our blog helps identify some of the common difficulties as well as providing some common solutions and future possibilities.

Context for the development of Women’s Sheds to 2021

Barry Golding’s (2015) The Men’s Shed Movement book includes four pages (pp.364-367) summarizing data on the critically important role of women in creating and supporting individual Men’s Sheds as well as the now international Movement. In Australia, where the first Men’s Sheds opened over two decades ago, decisions about women’s involvement in the shed as participants has typically been made at a local level. Whilst in most Australian Men’s Sheds it is solely or mainly men who participate in the shed activity, a small number of Men’s Sheds include women as equal members and participants.

Quite a number of Men’s Sheds have separate programs and days for women. Some ‘Women’s Sheds’ operate out of preexisting Men’s Sheds. A small number of sheds are badged as ‘Community Sheds’ or Community Men’s Sheds in order to be more inclusive of women. Some Shed-based organisations also involve children as participants.

She Sheds

A small number of community-run Shed-based organizations for and by women  call themselves ‘She Sheds’.

Evidence online suggests that the term ‘She Shed’ otherwise refers mainly to personal and private shed-type places and spaces in the house or back yard. A Google search on the term suggests that a ‘Shed Shed’ is:

… a female man cave. It is a dedicated space in the home set aside just for the woman of the house. It can a place for recreation, rejuvenation and enjoying personal activities. Most of all it is a female sanctum dedicated entirely to the woman.

Consistent with the above, a 179 full-colour book by Erika Kotite, She Sheds: A room of your own published in January 2017 encourages women to:

… Create your very own hideaway for relaxing, crafting, reading, or just to have a private place just for you. She Sheds provides the instruction and inspiration in this lovely gift-able edition. They’ve got their man caves, and it’s time for you to have a space of your own.

It is evident that many commercial businesses are riding the personal She Shed wave, particularly in the US, offering products to help construct  or enhance backyard She Sheds.

Other Women’s Shed name variants

A small number of what are effectively Women’s Shed-based organisations use other names, typically also including the name of the locality,  including ‘Shelia’s Shack’, ‘Shelia’s Shed’, ‘Ladies Shed’, ‘Fix it Sisters Shed’ and ‘Her Cave’.

Whilst we have not included Shed-based community organisations on our data base which call themselves ‘Community Sheds’,  ‘Community Men’s Sheds’ or ‘Men’s Shed’s, we acknowledge that such Sheds sometimes include some or many women as members.

A brief history of community-based Sheds for and by women

Whilst it is far too early to write a definitive history of the Women’s Sheds Movement, there is evidence that the idea and practice has evolved within the past decade and accelerated in the past five years to 2020.  In many ways it appears to be a female response to and mirroring of the development of Men’s Sheds, but tailored to women’s sometimes different needs and interests. A Women’s Shed Facebook site was founded in July 2010 as  ‘A place to exchange and share in the building of a Women’s Shed Network across Australia and beyond!’

National Men’s Shed peak bodies in Australia and Ireland (AMSA & IMSA) have recently begun to acknowledge and provide logistical support for some Women’s Sheds.

Governments in Ireland and Australia have also begun to acknowledge or include Women’s Sheds in their funding rounds. In January 2020, 22 Women’s Sheds across Ireland as well as 339 Irish Men’s Sheds were acknowledged for the first time as being eligible for a total pool of funding of a half million Euro to help purchase equipment and carry out works. Men’s Sheds in Ireland are eligible if they are registered with the Irish Men’s Sheds Association.

There is no equivalent national affiliation for Women’s Sheds, which causes difficulty in defining them. The following criteria are considered when deciding whether a group that applies is a ‘Women’s Shed’ and is eligible for funding (from the Community Enhancement Programme 2019 guidelines for ‘small scale capital costs’.)

  • If they are affiliated with another parent association (which means they are not really a Shed), then they should not be eligible for this fund.
  • There must be an appropriate organisational structure to the Shed.
  • The number of number of members of the group should be considered. If there are very few members then this should be considered along with their level of activity when deciding on eligibility.
  • The group should demonstrate that their ethos consistent with the ethos of the Men’s Shed movement.

Women’s Sheds international data base to May 2022

Our data base below confirms that of the approximately 110  Women’s Sheds (or similarly named equivalent community organisations) internationally, at least one half were likely to have previously been operating internationally, being planned or under development before the COVID lockdown in early 2020.

International summary to May 2022

Australia: Table 1, below

62 listed on the data base; evidence that 56 were open as Women’s Sheds or similar  at some time since 2010 (some are now closed in 2021).

Of those 56 Women’s Sheds recorded from Australia that are or were open to March 2021:

      • 32 (57%) are in New South Wales
      • 8 (14%) are in Victoria
      • 8 (14%) are in Queensland
      • 5 (9%) are in Western Australia
      • 4 (5%) are in South Australia
      • 1 (2%) are in Tasmania

Ireland of Ireland: Table 3, below

  • 26 recorded on data base,  24 In the Republic of Ireland, 2 in Northern Ireland
  • In 18 different Irish Counties (2 each in Cork, Clare, Mayo & Galway)
  • 23 evidence of being active active or open at some time.
  • Of the 16 Irish Women’s Sheds with evidence of year of commencement, all but one commenced in the past five years (2015-2020). Dublin opened in 2014 but closed in 2015.

UK: Table 4, below

  • 30 recorded on data base
  •  25 confirmed active or open at some time.
  • 4 in Wales, one in Scotland, 25 in England
  • Of the 18 with evidence of year of commencement , aside from Penge & Woolwich (both in London, opened in 2014 and 2015; and Frome 2020) the balance were opened in the three years between 2017 & 2019).

NZ Table 2, below

  • 3 on data base,
  • 2 contacted,
  • 2 confirmed active or open at some time.

International TOTALS

Open at some stage as a Women’s Shed: 56 in Australia, 23 in Ireland, 25 in the UK; 2 in New Zealand

  •  123 on data base,
  • 106 confirmed active or open at some stage

More than one half (53%)  of all Women’s Sheds  open at some stage on the international data base were in Australia, with 22% on the Island of Ireland, around one quarter (24%) in the UK (England, Scotland or Wales), with 2% in New Zealand.

We are progressively updating Tables 1-4 , below (for Australia,  Ireland, the UK and New Zealand), including the new information as responses come in.

We have added a star * to Sheds that appear to be open during 2022,

Women’s Sheds Internationally


(66 listed: 37 likely open 2 in 2022)

Name of Shed (place, State) #  shared premises with a  Men’s Shed  Established (*Open 2022) Publicly available information [last updated]
New South Wales (34 Sheds)
Orange Women’s Shed (NSW)

updated 11 Oct 2021

2018*. Open 2021 orangewsinc@gmail.com , Contact Michelle Einsaar, ‘Shed intention to develop skills & confidence in women to be able to do small maintenance jobs. Open to any women age 16+ who would like to learn how to use basic tools safely. Friendly with neighbouring Lucknow & Borenore Men’s Sheds. Shed at rear of 1635 Forest Road, Orange. Approx 45 members. Open Wed to Fri 9.30am-1pm. Main activities small woodworking projects on different home maintenance tasks.’ Facebook page active 2021.
Parramatta Women’s Shed (NSW) 9 Dec 2018 www.bower.org.au/sheds ‘Partnership between Supporting and linking Tradeswomen (SALT), The Bower & City of Parramatta’. Pre COVID met every third Wed 6-8pm at The Bower, Parramatta. ‘A creative social group pf women of all ages who share their individual skills.info@bower.org.au Grace Turbott, Operations Manager, Bower Reuse & Repair Centres 02 80042666 reports (Oct 2020) that ‘Our women’s shed has been in a transition phase due to change of management and structure in our location – and COVID on top. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide precise meeting dates/times , but will do so when we have them finalised’. Facebook page active 2021. August 2022 update from Fi Shewring ‘I am sorry to say that we have permanently closed our Shed at Quakers Hill at short notice. We are hopeful that we may be able to set up another Shed at some time in the future but at this stage we can’t project where or when that may be. We are concentrating on our mobile workshop which travels all around Australia and we will do our utmost to continue to run workshops for women in the community. We would like to thank you for your support and interest.’ [Update 5 Aug 2022]
Albury Women’s Shed(NSW) 2016 first meeting;  in premises since 2017 * FACEBOOK Albury Women’s Shed Facebookalburywomensshed@gmail.com : 0476166577: www.alburywomen’sshed.org.au . Open Mon & Fri 10-1, Wed 4.30-7.30pm. 195 Corrys Rd, Thurgoona 2640; ‘Aimed at empowering women that are learning together about renovation, repair and using tools. What do women do at the Shed: We learn! We encourage. We help each other to renovate furniture, build garden benches and we contemplate our next project. And there is laughter as we work on our projects and chat (as long as no-one is drilling or sawing!). Women are also welcome to come in and enjoy the company of other members over a cuppa or a quiet time in the library.’ Facebook page active 2021.
Ulladulla Woman’s Shed (NSW)* formed 2014/15* Premises in Aug 2015, Awaiting email response @, 2014 President Jan McKay 0476956459 MISSING EMAIL CONTACT
Her Cave Inc.  (Kanwal, NSW)*

Updated 11 Oct 2021


Closed during COVID July-Oct 2021: then reopened

FACEBOOK:hercave1@gmail.com : 0415281920,  www.hercave.org.au  Contact Regina Doyle (President). Aim ‘To share handcraft skills for very low cost and help create friendships, on the Central Coast [NSW] area. … No age limits!!! ‘Any women needing friendships to learn new skills and combat loneliness’. Open Wed & Fri 9.30am-2.30pm 41 Pearce Road, Kanwal;  Group ranges in age from 20 through to  80s. ‘We don’t discriminate on age or sex as to men learning to sew’. ‘We would dearly love to have our own place like the Men’s Sheds, but as we are not associated with other Women’s Sheds it makes it very hard to get somewhere we can use solely at a low rent. Many of our members are medically unfit to move furniture back and forth to a storage space. Facebook page active 2021.’Since July 2021 we had to close due to the new COVID outbreak & we are happy to see we will be opening back up  20 October, 2021. As we operate only on fees that our members pay each week & not received any financial help over the entire lockdown we are now scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to rent. We thought we were going to be lucky enough to get a hall through our local council but that has been put on hold for another six months which takes that saga to 18 months of not knowing where we stand. The “Men’s Sheds” tended to get plenty of funding when they wanted a shed built but for us women it doesn’t seem that simple it seems. …  or we aren’t as lucky as they have been in the past. One other part of the building “purpose built sheds” for the men is that some of them are or were builders so they could do alot of the work we don’t usually do. Apart from all the problems we face when we want to create something worthwhile for others, we can at least smile under our masks & get a bit of normality back in our lives after next week [mid Oct 2021] & hope we can stay open for a longer time from now on.
Moree Women’s Shed (NSW)

Updated 11 Oct 2021

March 2021 * moreewomensshed@gmail.com Contact: Julia Mitchell (Founder) julia@northwestmarketing.com.au 0438222060. Operating from an old gentlemen’s club which was donated to the Lifehouse Church. Took out AMSA (Australian Men’s Shed Association) membership to make insurance cheaper.  Vision: ‘A place to create, but more importantly, somewhere to connect. A central place where women could come together, share stories, have a cuppa, work on a project, share with others, help the community and grow old together’. Open Tuesday 9.30am-11.30pm. Moree Women’s Shed Facebook Group.
The Hills Women’s Shed (Baulkham Hills, Sydney, NSW) 2018* An initiative of Positive Vibes Foundation, a charity organisation, see: http://www.positivevibes.org.au,  Active Facebook Page, The Hills Women’s Shed. (THWS) Contact thehillswomensshed@positivevibes.org.au , Mercedes or Jeanette 0408549530.  ‘A progressive organisation pulsating with a community heart: Women focussed, man & family friendy’. ‘We have a calendar of events including mental health events, gardening, sewing classes, cooking classes, succulents activities, beauty and wellbeing etc for our community group. We welcome the community in general, including women from different cultural backgrounds and also some male members. Everyone is welcome to our sessions, events and classes. We are working hard with the community to break the stigma of mental health.’
Women’s Shed on the Lake (Lake Macquarie, NSW)


2017* FACEBOOK: womensshedonthelake@gmail.com , 0458407749  ‘inclusive group for women of all ages’, Fri 9am-12, Warner’s Bay Baptist Church Hall.  ‘Our group was formed in October 2016 and is an activity of a Community Centre (Our Community Place) situated in Boolaroo, Lake Macquarie NSW. We are open to women of all ages. In the beginning we met fortnightly and were supported by a worker from the community centre. Over time our members have formed a committee and have become responsible for the management of the group. We are also financially independent, raising funds to support the group. Our group meets weekly now and we have  at least 25-30 women attending weekly. The Committee manages a program which includes craft experiences, outings, speakers from a variety of organisations of interest to the women as well as community projects which support local organisations. Our biggest challenge so far has been to find a permanent home which suits the needs of the group.’ Margaret Standen, Sub-committee, Women’s Shed on the Lake.
Community Women’s Shed Kurri Kurri (NSW)* 2015* Contact Dee Phelps Threlfo dee1806@gmail.com: FACEBOOK: communitywomensshed.kurrikurri@gmail.com ; Thurs & Fri, 9.30-1. ‘Bringing women together. For women of all ages & backgrounds’.
Women’s Shed, Forster(NSW) opened July 2010, (one of the first in Australia), CLOSED  2014 Affiliated with Forster Neighbourhood Centre (FNC) Original intention ‘to support women of all ages and backgrounds. A meeting place – a giving and receiving place’. ‘Representatives from various Great Lakes district organisations and services visited the FNC’s Women’s Shed to share information about the services that they provide to the community. Some of the group activities included:Free health checks – Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Check, Catering for community events and the soup kitchen, Fundraising for women, children and families in crisis, Self-defence classes, Local History Walks, Singing and Poetry. CLOSED 2014
Port Macquarie Women’s Shed (NSW) Oct 2015* ‘Building confidence, capability and connection’. FACEBOOK: contact Bev McKinlay, Secretary 0405153491; portmacquariewomensshed@gmail.com . Approx. 40 members, with meeting room in Port Macquarie & limited access to woodwork facilities in Port Macquarie. Update Oct 2021, below from Jennifer Tighe, President PMWS, 0429184093: ‘Our Port Macquarie Women’s Shed has successfully gained land which we will be able to build our own purpose built shed. A wonderful achievement for our community. We have submitted plans to the local council, which have been approved and we are in the process of applying for grants and raising funds to get it started. We have women from 18 to 91 in our group, we do anything and everything, from making dreamcatchers, earrings, mosaics, as well as sewing, crocheting, knitting and using our woodworking tools to create a variety of items. To raise funds to continue, we charge membership, we have workshops, we have stalls occasionally and also have events, such as ‘girls night out’ which includes a movie night, gift bag, drinks and nibbles. We expect an increase in membership once our shed is built. We have also applied for charity status, which will allow members or the community to donate to us. Our main focus remains mental health for our regional and isolated women, we also believe in empowering women to gain new skills and knowledge, while building meaningful relationships. We have found that so many of our ladies are lonely, suffer from anxiety or depression, have lost their partners or children, are in the early stages of dementia and this gives them a safe place to get together and help each other. We are certainly looking forward to the 12 months, which should see us have the shed completed and up and running. Update May 2022 from Jennifer Tighe, President: ‘We have been successful in gaining 2 grants and hope to start our building soon. We are getting quotes for water/sewer and power to the site. The DA was approved, we have been given Charity status, we now have 50 members, we have started having guest speakers attending and started using resin, making bags for kids, started ukulele lessons along with many more workshops. We have a lovely bunch of caring women attending. This is all that needs updating at the moment.’ [May 2022]
Two Sheds Workshop (Bega, NSW 2014 (Bega) * ‘Addressing the entrenched gender gap in the building industry’: Woodwork for Women and Kids; 0419286507 LM,  Awaiting email address@  Website www.twoshedsworkshops.com.au 
Two Sheds Workshop  (Canberra, ACT) 2017 (Canberra) *  As above
Inner West Women’s Shed(Dulwich Hill) (NSW) April 2013. Closed during COVID19,  reopened* ‘Working to Honor and Empower Women’; met Wed pm in Seaview Hall before shutdown. Membership $10 per annum since 2013.  ‘There are no plans to meet again due to concerns about health and wellbeing of members, many of whom are in the high risk category.’ MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
Wagga Wagga Women’s Shed  Inc. (NSW) July 2017* FACEBOOK Kerlane, Email: waggawaggawomensshed@hotmail.com Helen, Secretary 0403875590. Opened by Kerry Luff. Meet 3 days a week Mon, Wed  & Fri 10am-2 pm. ‘We have meditation, yoga, tai chi , Knitting/ crocheting, line dancing & raft classes. Meet at the Tennis Courts on Beckwith Street. Our main aim is to create a safe place for women of all ages to meet and talk. Participants range from 30 to 90 years; single, married, divorced  or widowed’.
Hunter Valley Women’s Shed (Maitland, NSW) floated 2017* FACEBOOK: ‘women coming together, empowering each other to learn and gain skills.’. Meet Thursday at Branxton Uniting Church, Open Nov 2020 MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
Narromine Community Women’s Shed (NSW) April 2013 * FACEBOOK: 0487200987, Leina, Public Officer narrominewomensshed@gmail.com
Lithgow Area Women’s Shed (NSW) 2019* Private FACEBOOK, ‘A place where all women in Lithgow area are welcome to come and join us’, with a strong emphasis on’ building women; seeking a permanent home. MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
Hornsby & Ku-ring-gai Women’s Shed  (NSW) 15 May 2019* FACEBOOK :Via PCYP Hornsby: womensshedhk@gmail.com . ‘providing a safe, inclusive & supportive space for women to learn & connect through sharing stories, experiences & knowledge.’
Griffith Women’s Shed (Yoogali, NSW) Open 6 Nov 2018* griffithwomensshed@gmail.com , Carol Johnson, President,
Robertson Men’s  Shed(near Bowral (NSW) # Temporary Men’s Shed with women involved since 2017, new Men’s Shed including women 2020 * John Kennis, President, Robinson Men’s Shed: robertsonmensshed@gmail.com‘In a temporary Shed, a 6m x 7m garage. for both men and women, Men on Tuesdays, Women on Fridays. The number of women participating  vary  but the ones that do come are very keen.  When the women attend, the Men’s Shed provide two members to assist in training on equipment, safety and other assistance. Our new Shed should be completed by December 2020. Once completed we will still run two separate days for men and women and on occasion have mixed days. The feedback from the women  attending is very positive and I am sure that we will have a great shed for both men and women. We need to ensure we do not stray from the main ethos of what Men’s Sheds are for, the health and wellbeing of men, now also the health and wellbeing of women. Our vision is to provide for the community of Robertson a Shed that can be a place for both men and women to meet, socialise and become engaged with community. Also run youth workshops, community workshops, people with a disability workshops’.
Arncliffe: Fix  it Sisters Shed (NSW) 2018* FACEBOOK, hello@fixitsistersshed.org.au , Instagram and Facebook
@fixitsistershed.  ’empowering women of all ages with practical and creative skills’. Update 3 May 2022 below from Linda: In 2020, the Fix It Sisters moved from our previous location to a larger premises in the Sydney suburb of Kyeemagh. We are in the process of gradually expanding our membership, with a focus on growth that is sustainable. Our penguin burrow project has continued with the support of prominent Australian wildlife organisations. Our burrows are dotted across Australian islands on the East coast. On Snapper Island, 80% of our burrows are inhabited! During COVID-19, we continued operations via Zoom and maintained social connection. Now that we are back in person, we have restarted our workshops, showcases and projects, all underscored by our aim to empower women with practical and creative skills. [May 2022]
Cessnock Community Women’s Shed (NSW) Sept 2015* FACEBOOK, cessnockwomensshed@gmail.com  0456213604, ‘inclusive group for all women’,
Coonamble Women’s Shed (NSW) Active from 23 July 2018 * FACEBOOK, coonamblewomensshedinc2829@gmail.com . ‘about helping women escape the everyday pressures that life throws up. So come along and have some fun’.
Corowa and District SHE Shed Inc(NSW) Formed Feb 2017* FACEBOOK, meet Corowa CWA Rooms, Wed 10-2, Basia (shed supervisor) 0419630101.  ‘SHE:  S stands for ‘soul sanctuary, shine, strive, social, smart, sparkle, spirit, super-solidarity, star’; H harmony, health, happy, heart, handy heal  & E esteem, enhancement, energy, enthusiasm, essence, excellence’.  MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
Gundagai Women’s Shed(NSW)

updated 12 Oct 2021

Active 2021 * Run through Gundagai Men’s Shed: Contact: Wendy Chomley gundagaished@gmail.com . ‘Gundagai Women’s Shed currently has 6 active members. We meet every Wednesday from 8:30am till noon. We are supervised by one of the men who have instructed us in the proper use of the machines. We have a lot of fun and laughs whilst doing upcycling and repair projects ranging from tables and outdoor furniture to bread boards and bird houses. New members are very welcome.’
Mullumbimby Women’s Shed (NSW) Convened March 2018 * FACEBOOK, ‘a welcoming sacred space for women and girls to connect, grow & learn in an atmosphere of generosity and goodwill’, Community Gardens Rotunda, Thurs 2-4. MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
Women’s Shed  (Marian House) (Karuah, Hunter Region, NSW) first proposed May 2010, first meeting 16 June 2010* Karuah, Myall Coast Catholic Parish, Contact: briro@bigpond.com ;  Rose Smith: 0414834922  ‘Provides an opportunity for women to get together in our hall for a chat, a cuppa and to share in some simple craft ideas’. The suggestion arose because I had for several years belonged to a craft group that met regularly, and the enjoyment I experienced was something I was keen to share. We meet monthly on the second Tuesday of each month and I organise and prepare the craft activity The ladies keep an eye out for ideas and happily share these. We really knew nothing much about Men’s Sheds when we started except that they existed and so one of our number thought if it was good enough for men to have a shed then it was good enough for us to have a Women’s Shed ! Not a very professional approach I feel but it was and still is, intended to be a no fuss, pleasant gathering for the ladies of our town.’
The Ladies’ Shed, Kempsey (NSW) #one day for ladies in Men’s Shed * kempseymensshed@gmail.com ,  Tuesday’s 10-2 in the Kempsey Men’s Shed.
Sheila’s Shed, Tuncurry (NSW) 2017 * FACEBOOK: 0481148029 LM, creative art & craft group, 22/60 Manning Street, Tuncurry MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
Clarence River U3A Women’s Shed (NSW) #

Meet in Men’s Shed

2016 *  Doreen Plyman, Group Leader and one of the founding members. 0423632404, ‘We began in mid 2012 with 6 women and now operate with a membership of approx. 60 women. We meet at the Men’s Shed in Townsend NSW every Friday from 0900 to 1500 and apart from 3 months closure from April till 24th June we have operated continuously. During covid 19 we have implemented the necessary restrictions placed upon us. When someone new joins us they are taught how to operate both wood and metalwork machinery and hand tools to enable them to safely exist in a workshop environment. On their first day they make their own toolbox. We have a male mentor to assist if necessary, contact: email t.d.plymin@optusnet.com.au4.The local U3A website cru3a.u3anet.org.au. ‘Our main aim is to provide a safe and friendly environment for women to learn new skills and socialise with their peers. To join our Women’s Shed you need to be over 50 and not working full time as we come under U3A and must meet their membership criteria.’
Wyong Women’s Shed (NSW) Opened Feb 2019 * FACEBOOK, carryoncrafting@outlook.com , 0491769935, 48 Nerambi Rd, Buff Point, Shed President: Kim 0425259867 kimmoy1958@hotmail.com
Yeoval Women’s Shed(NSW) INCLUDED AS A CASE STUDY IN ‘WOMEN’S SHED WORLDWIDE’ BOOK CHAPTER,  (Golding & Carragher, 2021, pp. 338-9) 2015 * FACEBOOK, in association with ‘Yeoval and District Men’s Shed’ Frances Parish, President and Founder wozp@westnet.com.au : NOTE ‘Yeoval and District Men’s Shed and Women’s Shed’ is the sign on street frontage; both Sheds  share the same building.
Inverell Women’s Cottage(Shed) (NSW) July 2020 * FACEBOOK, Lorraine Brown, lbrown@northnet.com.au 0447683134. Inverell Times July 9 2020 article ‘ Through working at the BEST Community Shed [3 ladies] found there was a desperate need for a place women of all ages could go to build skills, learn how to be independent and empower one another. After voicing the idea on social media, a meeting was held to form a committee and look for a place to call the cottage home. Publicity Officer Heather Whitby said since then, Northern Inland Community College in Inverell has donated their old premises in Campbell Street for the purpose of Inverell Women’s Cottage.’
SALT SkillWomen Shed, Quakers Hill, (NSW) SALT begun 2009, SALT Shed Launched Nov 2017 * qhshed@saltaustralia.org.au :  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/saltskillwomenshed Website  www.saltaustralia.org.au. Marti Fletcher runs the Shed in consultation with Fi Shewring and other volunteers  plus the SALT office. ‘Supporting And Linking Tradeswomen (SALT) began in 2009 and since 20012 has run a very unique mobile workshop which has travelled across Australia teaching mostly women and girls but boys and men as well. SALT has taught thousands of people basic tool skills via the mobile SALT workshops which have been a huge success, but many people kept saying to us “But I want to learn more!”. When we began the mobile workshops in 2012, we contacted some Men’s Sheds to see if we could use some space to provide a workshop on a regular basis. The response was not positive so we stayed completely mobile but the idea grew that we could easily run our own shed. Initially, the biggest issue was finding a space which was ours for little cost. We followed a number of leads in Wollongong but nothing eventuated until I met Marti, an electrician from Blacktown. She ‘took the bit between her teeth’ and not only found a space but contacted Blacktown Council who were completely supportive. When we first gained access to what became the ‘SALT Shed’, it was in a sad condition. We cleaned, installed and built benches and Blacktown Council helped with some necessary repairs to the structure. The SALT Shed was launched in November 2017. One of the unique things about the SALT Shed is that it is run by tradeswomen from many different trades. Wehave since run many courses s such as the Basic Tool Skills course (which is the crux of the Mobile workshop)s but we have also run workshops on paving, using jigsaws and scroll saws as well as security in the home and many others. There is also ;Tinker Time; which is space and time each week for Shed members to bring in their own projects; the tradespeople support them with tool knowledge and safety. It has been quite extraordinary what has been achieved during these times from cutting down bar stools to match existing ones to creating very personal memorials to lost loved ones. Blacktown Council have been amazingly supportive of the Shed with SALT tradies giving their time voluntarily to staff and run it. Courses are run on a material cost and offer a great deal of support to people, whether it is just to learn basics to help themselves in their own home or to increase their skills in a range of tools. We have also connected with a number of other Sheds and provided the Basic Tool Skills Workshop to many of them on a regular basis. Membership of the SALT Shed is for a year and to join you need to book into a Basic Tool Skills Workshop and complete this first course. For a very small fee this gives you not only membership of the Shed for a year but also inducts you on how the Shed works, safety and how to use the basic tools. The Shed’s aims are SALTs aims, plus providing a space where people can learn and gain skills in a safe environment.
Adelong Shed Women’s Day ‘Adelong has a day dedicated to women in their Men’s Shed’: awaiting further information,  MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
Tarago Area Women’s Shed Dec 2021 Tarago is a small village 40km south of Goulburn: awaiting further information & contact details from organisers, Feb 2022
 Bleu Mountains Women’s Shed 2019 Karen Stevenson, President of Blue Mountains Women’s Shed http://www.karjesgraphics.com reported in late 2021 . ‘We have been in existence since 2019. Recently on the Channel 10 show ‘The Living Room’. We have a very small shed which had a renovation thanks to the TV show and promoted Women’s Sheds Australia wide.
We have been closed all through COVID, but will be officially reopening in December [2021], we have over 1,700 Facebook followers and around 25 financial members, up until the shed was renovated we were a mobile shed, with a trailer providing pop-up workshops for women from Lapstone to Little Hartley here in the Blue Mountains. We will still provide this service as our shed isn’t big enough to work from, we will use it more as a meeting place, to catch up for a cuppa and a chat’.

Queensland (9 Sheds)

The Sheila’s Shack Inc., Nerang (Qld) 2013* 0490815790.’ Shelia’s Shack is a not-for-profit friendship group for women to share knowledge, skills, socialise and build friendships. We meet on Thursday and Saturday mornings from 9am till 12 noon for a cuppa and chat. We hold workshops, art, craft, we have a walking group and book club we also fund-raise to help those in need in our local community’.  meets Nerang Country Paradise Parklands, Nerang. MISSING EMAIL CONTACT
Women’s Shed Townsville (Qld) 2019* ‘to provide women with a similar experience as men’. ‘female version of the Men’s Shed’. MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
Charters Towers Women of the Outback Shed (Qld [first in Qld] 2015/ 2016* Drought stricken, outback community: Response:  ‘Part of, and represented in and by The Australian Men’s Shed Association and adhere to Covid 19 guidelines produced by the Queensland State Government and the Australian Federal Government.’
Toowoomba Women’s Shed (Qld) 2019*  Contact Jean Turner: 0488126282, jeantob136@hotmail.com . ‘Toowoomba Women’s Shed became a reality when the women who are part of it decided that we needed to work for helping our own community . We had been associated with Sewing For Charity Australia and all our handmade goods were being sent round Brisbane and down thru the eastern states. The core group have been meeting and sewing items for 4-5 years. but we became the Women’s Shed about a year ago (2019) .We now meet in a shed belonging to a church here in Toowoomba and meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays but looking at that being extended to more days. We sew, talk, laugh and have a nurturing effect on our joint lives. Facebook is Toowoomba Women’s Shed . We aim to produce usable worthwhile items for needy people i.e. Aged care homes, school groups in lower socioeconomic areas hospitals, child care and wild life carers to name a few . We are basically in the age range 60-90. Some ladies come every week. Sometimes we deliver work to them and give their lives purpose that they are helping others. It was my dream and it is fulfilling for all of us and it is a joy to watch the new ones blossom and change in confidence and abilities as the time goes on.’
Harrisville Women’s Shed (Scenic Rim near Beaudesert) (Qld) 2016 * Anglican Parish, MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
The Gap She Shed, (The Gap) (Qld) Nov 2019 * Private FACEBOOK (739 members created 6 Nov 2019), ‘ Supportive and caring; Helping to create community; enjoy learning, ideas & creativity; skill sharing across generations; have a laugh in a relaxed and safe environment; engage and make new friendships, diverse and exclusive. A FUN social group to bring together the Gap community of young women, retirees, new mum’s and everyone in between. To provide a platform for FRIENDSHIP, SKILL SHARING, COMPANY, LEARNING & CREATIVITY. Offering workshops, out-tings, informal social nights, special interest groups, talks and activities for women to share and enjoy; Sustainable Living, Health & Well-being, Pottery, Arts & Crafts, Basic Mechanics, Woodworking, First Aid, Financial Advising’. Karen Bessell, Founder of The Gap She Shed. Started in 2019 as a networking group to bring connectivity amongst the community. By April 2021 with over 1,200 Facebook community members, looking at incorporating in 2021. Website http://www.facebook.com/thegapsheshed: all enquiries email thegapsheshed@gmail.com
Coolum Women’s Shed (Qld) 2018* Building community amongst women of the Sunshine Coast. Open Tues & Thur s to all adult women: some evenings and weekend activities: currently approx. 300 members. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WomensShed. Main Shed activities pilates, yoga & meditation, arts & crafts, vocal  & guitar groups, walking , gardening DIY. Shed Contact Nell Harvey or Monita Griffiths: coolumwomensshed@gmail.com , Web wwwthewomensshed.org . Currently hiring space from a Men’s Shed (26 Research Street, Coolum Beach Queensland 4573), looking for own space. Update as below, 3 May 2022 from Nell Harvey:The Coolum Women’s Shed is running well entering our 4th year and running a range of activities from wood working to camping and kayaking. We are not open set hours, but people can access a calendar and book from our website http://www.thewomensshed.org – booking is essential as places are limited. In 2021 we established a private facebook group called ‘ The Australian Women’s Shed Community’ which was set up to allow women all over Australia to connect and help each other in the establishment of Women’s Sheds. Our 538 members consist of members of existing sheds as well as women looking for guidance in how to set up a women’s shed locally. There are a variety of structures:
* Women’s sheds formed with support from local Men’s Sheds (eg access on separate days)
* Shedless Women’s Sheds – groups of women seeking a space to use.
* Council supported Women’s Sheds – where staff, space, structure and activities are provided at low cost or free by local councils.
* Independent Women’s Sheds – where women have set up their own structure and negotiated a space to use on a permanent or semi permanent basis.

Most Women’s Sheds are non-profit organisations, some are registered charities.

In order to separate the Australian Women’s Shed Community from Coolum Women’s Shed, in April 2022 we set up a Facebook Page as a public facing page to share general information about Australian Women’s Sheds. We will be continuing to use this page to promote the value of Australian Women’s Sheds to stakeholders and the general public. We have directed people to your database and have also started a directory of Women’s Sheds so that we can begin to gather data and produce information that supports women’s sheds.

Private group to connect with other sheddies : https://www.facebook.com/groups/AustralianWomensShedCommunity

Public Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/AusWomensSheds

More information, access to some shared resources and shed directory form : https://www.thewomensshed.org/nationalwomensshedweek.html

Email for our group : AustralianWomensShedCommunity@gmail.com

[3 May 2022]

Noosa Women’s Shed(Queensland) 2017* Held an information session and AGM 27 Oct 2019 &  AGM 15 Nov 2020, Tewantin CWA Hall, Website  www.noosawomensshed.com.au ‘ Incorporated in September 2018, the Noosa Women’s Shed is all about what local women want to achieve, whether it is how to use a drill, how to fix a tap or upholster a chair! We encourage all members to have a say in what is shared at the shed.’ Best email contact is noosawshed@gmail.com. Update in July 2021 from Fiona McComb: ‘We have not yet found a shed home and seem to be largely like the stats you mention on your website! Lots of initial interest that has dropped off due to no shed. We are in caretaker mode at the moment, not running many events, great committee and publicly seeking support for a shed of some kind in Noosa, temporary or permanent’.Update May 2022 from Robyn Saunders, ‘the new President of NWS after Fiona sadly passed away in October 2021. I am currently holding discussions with different community-based organisations and local councils as we attempt to become more active, while we all learn to live in the new normal of “COVID”. We have recently applied to Noosa Council for a grant to purchase a secure trailer kitted out with tools to empower and support women in the Noosa Shire and surrounds. With the Noosa Men’s Shed generously assisting us to gain the skills necessary, we intend to help members and women in the community become more confident fixing and maintaining their homes. While we continue to seek our own secure shed space, we feel the trailer will enable us to “take the tools to the women” in the interim. We currently do what we can in our temporary meeting space at 1 Ferrells Rd Cooroy (Cooroy Village) Qld. Activities such as learning how to find electrical cables & studs within a wall space, how to make native bee hotels (BeeNB 🐝😊), how to change cupboard hinges and assemble flatpacks. I am hopeful discussions in the next few weeks will be positive and I will be able to send more good news about a more permanent location/cohabitation for Noosa Women’s Shed. Best email contact Robyn Saunders noosawshed@gmail.com [May 2022]
Bramble Bay Women’s Shed On the coast just north of Brisbane: awaiting more information and contact details from organisers in Feb 2022
Granite Belt Ladies Shed (locally known as the ‘She Hive’) late 2020 * Glenda Riley, Founder/President, Granite Belt Community Assist Group Inc
GB Ladies Shed P: 0459 447 595 provided the following in May 2022:
Established in late 2020 as a response to the isolation and social needs of the women experiencing drought, bushfire and latterly pandemic stressors.
Located in Stanthorpe, Queensland we are currently based at Fred Rogers Recreation Camp, Storm King (10kms outside the town) – an 8 acre waterfront property we lease from the local council. With access to several buildings, we can offer a large range of activities and workshops in a safe inclusive space.

As a registered charity, we are a self-funded group for now, however we are exploring other options of income with branded artisan products and fundraising in the community.
We support our local community through fundraising for other groups and involvement as a group in local events. Open 2 days a week, with an option of a 3rd day in 2023 (depending on demand) we offer an affordable membership and social space where everyone is welcome.

Our member base has a diverse range of interests that we address through our Social Connections, Creative Actions, Knowledge and Wellness programs. Using a creative range of activities and interests, we empower and enable our women to become stronger, independent and socially active by having a safe and inclusive space to come to. They gain confidence and connections through the support of their peers. The list of activities for 2022 include art classes, textiles, mosaics, gardening, sustainable living practices, NIA classes, adult and Computer literacy, cyber safety, outings to local businesses and wineries, food safety, First Aid, Small furniture Restoration, Games days where we explore our inner child, hosting High Teas and a major fundraiser that will involve the community. We offer a starting place for new residents looking for new friends, and a network of like minded women to share their knowledge and interests with. While our active member base is relative small, we actively recruit members through regular awareness campaigns in local media including radio and support from council. ( The Granite Belt has a population of about 12,000 people and we are competing with a large number of small special interest groups). Our focus is on community led, solution focused peer support activities and workshops that are directed to the members interests and need of knowledge.
Enquiries: members@gbcagroup.com.au
http://www.gbcagroup.com.au [May 2022]


South Australia (2 Sheds)

Playford Women’s Shed (Davoren Park, SA)


Nov 2019* FACEBOOK,  Old Para West Adult Campus, Founder & Contact Raelene Wlochowicz 0409576003, trekkies2@outlook.com .  ‘I began trying to find where women could meet and share experiences and skills, make new friendships and remain active. Originally open only 3 days a week, now open Mon- Fri, 10am to 4pm. Committee meets once a month but to begin with we met once a fortnight as we began to set up all the underlying processes and procedures. We provide classes in a wide range of activities from cooking, crafts, art, gardening and woodwork. We have an OP [Opportunity] Shop for members and we provide emergency provisions (clothes, bedding and food) for domestic violence victims and homeless women and those that are struggling to make ends meet. Each day different women prepare a meal that has a small cost attached. We connected to a food distribution program and distribute to a number of other community programs and a local Primary school. We have just begun working with a local film maker who is helping us create a 15 minute film of our Shed and those who make up its members. This will be released next year at the annual SAGA Adelaide International Women’s Film Festival here in Adelaide.’ This Shed included as a case study in Barry Golding’s 2021 book.
Ladies Shed (Elizabeth House, Christie Downs) 30 June 2014 * The ‘Woodwork Shed’ at Elizabeth House Positive Ageing Centre, 112 Elizabeth Road, Christie Downs, SA. was begun in 2002, now run by the City of Onkaparinga, including programs for people with acquired brain injury (Mon & Wed) and for frail older men, some of whom have memory loss (Tues & Thurs). On 30 June 2014 it began a Ladies Shed program. In 2020, Fridays is the Ladies Shed program day, when the ladies wear pink high vis vests. Contact person: Lui Di Venuto, Team Leader, Active Ageing and Disability Programs, Community Capacity. Elizabeth House Phone (08) 83845170.  mail@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au . ‘ It began with a group of women who had completed a furniture construction foundation course at the Christies Beach High School and then had nowhere to practice their skills and approached Elizabeth House for some support’. [May 2022]

Western Australia (5 Sheds) see ‘Women’s Shed WA Network’ site on FACEBOOK

North Coastal Women’s Shed (Yanchep & The Rocks, WA)  * Women of all ages, fostering health and wellbeing: FACEBOOK  Contact Lyn Haast info@ncws.org.au.  0430647071,  Mon & Thurs 9-2, Jenolan Way Community Centre.
Rockingham Women’s Shed (WA) Being developed Feb 2020 * Kelly Clear, key proponent. kellyclear123@hotmail.com ,.
Perth Women’s Shed (Stirling, WA) # 2019* The ‘Women Working with Wood Association’ currently operates from the Stirling Community Men’s Shed; 12 month pilot: Awaiting email contact. ABC Perth article 6 Feb 2020: [For] young boys, it was a rite of passage, to go to the shed with your dad or uncle or grandfather and they would teach you the tools — girls didn’t get that opportunity.”
More than 2,500 women have shown interest in attending new classes on car maintenance, basic plumbing and furniture restoration at one of the first women’s sheds in WA at Innaloo Bowling Club in Perth’s north. “Not all of us can rely on the fellow down the road or our brother in law or an uncle, so we want to be able to do these things ourselves,” organiser Carol Huish said. Operates from Innaloo Bowling Club. MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
 Merriwa & Ellenbrook Women’s Shed (20 km NE of Perth. (WA)  Inaugural meeting June 2019, Under construction 2020 *  Mission to Empower Women’: MISSING CONTACT DETAIL

Victoria (9 Sheds)

Women’s Shed Seymour (Vic) Open 1 June 2016* ‘Somewhere safe and warm for women to go, have a cuppa, chat and share skills’: Amanda 0431193204 Dale sheahans@bigpond.com  0408035741 open every Wed, Seymour Presbyterian Church Hall.
Women’s Shed of Victoria (Vic): Organisation, not a Shed? Incorporated Association (13 May 2016) via Broadford Community Centre, Twitter @womensshedvic MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
The Frankston Centre Women’s Shed  (Vic) December 2016 * Orwil Street Community House: Georgina Portelli Coordinator, MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
Women’s Sharing Shed (Torquay, Vic) 2016* Active but closed during COVID Reopened  2021 ‘An inclusive, safe and welcoming environment where knowledge and ideas are respectfully shared’ Facebook @womenssharingshedtorquay. Phone  0421995684,  Kath Kidd (Founder & Coordinator). ‘The Women’s Sharing Shed Torquay offers a place to meet other like-minded women to share wisdom, experience and a cuppa. Women of all ages can come along to learn traditional and non-traditional skills, perhaps work on their own project of their choosing, contribute to a shared project or maybe sit around the table and share stories, anecdotes and support each other. There is no pressure or expectations. Be who you want to be, just be. Workshops are regularly held off and on site as well as Shed members meeting every week at the Shed’. MISSING EMAIL ADDRESS
Creswick Women’s Shed (Vic) 2022* operating Wednesdays from 10am at the Creswick Men’s Shed, above Botanical Lake: awaiting more information. [May 2022]
Hills She Shed, Emerald (Vic) 2016 * FACEBOOK, MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
Healesville Women’s Shed(Vic) Course not Shed An ‘introduction to carpentry’, one term course of approx. 8-9 weeks offered in two big sheds with a trainer, through Healesville Living and Learning Centre,  jmccarthy@hllc.org.au
Lilydale Women’s Shed(Vic)

Event only

‘NOT a Women’s Shed’

FACEBOOK, Mt Evelyn Community House , Nicky Condell, Manager: reception@mtevelynch.com.au , 03 97361177. ‘We ran the Lilydale Women’s Shed event as part of the Mt Evelyn Community House, a day to engage with women in our local community in partnership with Yarra Ranges Council. We don’t currently have an active Women’s Shed. However we do run many workshops and classes that women who had engaged on the day attend. We run a variety of classes including, art, craft, social group, women’s health workshops, colouring social group, Girls night in, International Women’s Day event, cooking workshops , Yoga and Tai Chi social groups on social media. We are still looking at ways to run a Women’s Shed in our community’.
The Women’s Shed, Mount Martha (Vic) approx 2010* Merrilyn Wiley, Coordinator, wiley1@netspace.net.au , 03 59744072, ‘Time out for women of all ages’, ‘We started approximately 20 years ago in Mornington Victoria Australia. It was originally called ‘Kit Kat’, as the aim was to provide a time out for mums with pre-schoolers. This caused a problem as the name was already patented   We ran a competition among the women to come up with a name, that still represented our image, Hence The Woman’s Shed. Our image underwent a big change 10 years ago when we found mums of pre-schoolers had a lot of other options and we found more and more couple retiring down our way and the need changed to older women.  We are still going today. We meet every Wed from 9.30-1130am  in school term. Our program is planned for the whole term and includes speakers on relevant topics, crafts etc. We average about 20 woman each week, ages ranging from 50 – 90. One of our main aims is to offer friendship and a support system for our women that some. Also we try to get our speaker and workshops to deal with issues our women are facing.‘
The She Shed (Ocean Grove, Vic) NOT ESTABLISHED FACEBOOK, Aim 2019  ‘Connect, learn, grow, share, heal, cry, laugh, be’. Not proceeded with or established.
Shepparton Women’s Shed Association (Vic) * FACEBOOK, 03 58215770, social club in Shepparton North;  address 10-14 Parkside Drive, MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
 “Kookaburra Girls” Shed (Werribee) (Vic) 2017 * Hosted by Wyndham Park Community Centre, Werribee Community Shed FACEBOOK 03 87426448 LM, held Open Shed Day with Werribee Men’s Shed Sept 2017 MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
Castlemaine Women’s Shed (Vic) FACEBOOK, an idea, late 2019, MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
Torquay Women’s Shed active in 2022 Cindy Powers reports in Feb 2022 that ‘the Torquay Women’s Shed is currently auspices by the Torquay Community House but it is going to incorporate soon. contact via Torquay Community House, 14 Price Street, Torquay, Victoria 3228. 03 5261 2583 or Cindy Powers 0437620450. MISSING EMAIL CONTACT
Beechworth Women’s Shed (Vic) Incorporated Association since 2017* Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WomensShedBeechworth . Contact Margy Barwood, President: ‘We have struggled for recognition since our incorporation in Feb 2017. Our main problem is acquiring a public space to meet & work. For over 2 years I have given the members free space in my private garage. If our council for the Indigo Shire, Victoria was more supportive our Shed would grow 10 fold without doubt. Our local  Men’s Shed has their own space and receives ongoing support. Not so with our Women’s Shed. The men also refuse to allow us access to their space. We have our equipment, tools etc but no community space to invite new members. I find it difficult to receive complete strangers on my property for security reasons. The response for Council assistance to date has been ignored other than a very small, shared space we tried for about 5 months. It did not work as we could not leave our equipment out. All of our furniture, tool boxes, fold up tables & consumables had to locked away after every workshop into a very tiny toilet & wash area that was not even big enough to get a wheel chair in. Our members are mainly seniors some with disabilities and this was beyond us. Rather than create conflict in our small town we moved everything out of the 1950’s building and carted it all to my private garage. My driveway is very steep so it is not age friendly. This has worked as a temporary solution but we are on the look out for a more suitable space. Whilst it is our desire to grow our Association, we now have to be realistic to each other and ask if it is worth continuing.’ Original aim ‘Up cycle, DIY & creative projects designed to foster kinship with local women for social fulfilment. BWS promotes self-dependence, confidence and resilience within our rapidly changing environment’.
Tasmania (1) 
Central Coast Community Shed: Ladies Group (Ulverstone) (Tasmania) Ladies only group in Community Shed: INCLUDED AS A Tasmanian Men’s Shed CASE STUDY IN ‘AUSTRALIAN MEN’S SHED’, Book Chapter,  Shoulder to Shoulder: Broadening the Men’s Shed Movement‘ Book, 2021 * FACEBOOK, Tues 1-3, Melissa Budgeon 03 94298959, melissa.budgeon@centralcoast.tas.gov.au   An afternoon for ladies of any age, improve skills and knowledge in woodworking, learn to use tools and machinery correctly/safely, try a small project – work up something bigger; fun. friendly and informative program just for Ladies’.


Name of Shed (Location) Established Publicly available information
 Sheila’s in the Shed, Kawerau (Bay of Plenty) 2017 * FACEBOOK, 10 Aug 2017, Founders Tracey & Anne ‘believe the disposable economy we live in can’t sustain itself and want the Sheilas’ Shed to be not only a creative hub, but also a place where people can learn to make life easier for themselves by learning new skills. Was operating from the founders’ homes, a funding application had been submitted and, if successful, would allow the Sheila’s Shed to set up shop in Kawerau’s old Post Office building’. Had open day March 2018 at  2  Ranfurly Court (old PO) Listed under ‘Groups & clubs in Kawerau’, for updated details contact Kawerau I-Siteinfocentre@kaweraudc.govt.nz
DIY Shed, Central Rotorua 7-11 Dinsdale Street, Mangakakahi, Rotorua 3015 [Originally established as ‘Women’s Shed Rotorua’], 2017*; Proposed start of ‘DIY Shed Rotorua,’ 23 Jan 2021 Formerly known as ‘Women’s Shed Rotorua’, but moved away from using ‘Women’ in the name to DIY Sheds, because of unhelpful comparisons that can be made between ‘Women’s Sheds’ and ‘Men’s Sheds. Set up by DIY Shed Aotearoa Charitable Trust: a national body whose primary role is to support building sheds to serve their communities well.” Contact – Jocelyn Jacobs (Founder & Chairperson) Email diybop@gmail.com FACEBOOK:www.facebook.com/DIY-Shed-Rotorua-917575541723492/

UPDATE from Jocelyn Jacobs, August 2022: ‘Our direction has changed and we’ve become more inclusive, accepting women and men 15 years and older. We’ve had a lot of interest from community groups looking for programs like ours for their clients in Rotorua and Tauranga. And all of these community groups have approached the Mens Sheds being turned away or their clients who were allowed to go felt unwelcome.

Rotorua – we’re looking for another building with a proposed move in date 01 November with the potential to be open 5 – 6 days a week offering separate sessions for women, men, mixed or specialist groups.

Taurangawe’ve been at the Tauranga Mens Shed for three months Monday and Tuesday nights building our profile and membership during the hours when the men aren’t there. Again the same potential as in Rotorua working with community groups and locals using a purpose building serving the wider community.

[Update 22 Aug 2022]

DIY Shed, Tauranga DIY Shed, Tauranga Proposed Start, 13 February 2021 *Proposed second Shed established by DIY Shed Aotearoa Charitable Trust, see above:. Contact -Jocelyn Jacobs (Founder & Chairperson), diybop@gmail.com
Proposed Start, 13 February 2021 * Proposed second Shed established by DIY Shed Aotearoa Charitable Trust, see Aug 2022 update, above. Contact -Jocelyn Jacobs (Founder & Chairperson), diybop@gmail.com
ALSO IN NZ:Womenz Shed Central Auckland, started 2022 http://www.womenzhed.org supported by Auckland Central Community Shed. Updated June 2022 contacts: web: womenzshed.org; ig.  womenzshed; fb.  womenzshed.org
m.  027 375 9662. ‘Our first workshop, called ‘An Introduction to the Wood Workshop’, began in March 2022 – it’s a series of 5 x 2 hour workshops held over 5 weeks. Our women instructors run workshops rather than just a Membership program as we’ve found many women haven’t had the same opportunity as men to learn and often lack the confidence to have a go with a project without support.
WomenzShed runs separately to, but within the premises of, Auckland Central Community Shed who lease the building from Auckland Council. Whilst the community Shed also has women members (this was a requirement of their lease), not all women want to work alongside men and so a women only space helps to fill that need. The Shed premises have a large well equipped wood workshop as well as an engineering workshop, welding shop and technical room. There is also an office space and fully equipped kitchen. The organisation is a not-for-profit and we are working on the Trust Deed to make it a registered charity. This is important to help with funding and sponsorship. We aim to be self-sustaining. Our instructors are paid for from workshop income and we aim to hire a part-time administrator so the Trustees can concentrate on growing the Charity.Our initial focus is workshop provision and a Membership base aimed at women in all stages of their lives. Our future plans include being able to support women interested in going into trades (school leavers and career changers) and tiny house workshops. We are also keen to collaborate with other women’s sheds and support new ones to be established. [June 2022]
Thames Menz & Women Shed created June 2021: awaiting further information [May 2022]

What year did Women’s Sheds start in Australia?

  • The first three Australian Women’s Sheds opened around the same time in 2010.
  • For those 51  Sheds with evidence of a start or opening date, 36 (71%) were opened in the four year period between 2016 and 2019.
  • 3 were opened in 2010 (June, Karuah, NSW; July: Forster, NSW; Mount Martha, Victoria,  ‘approx 2010’
  • none were opened in 2011 or 2012
  • 3 were opened in 2013
  • 3 were opened in 2014
  • 4 were opened in 2015
  • 7 were opened in 2016
  • 12 were opened in 2017
  • 8 were opened in 2018
  • 9 were opened in 2019
  • 2 were opened in 2020
  • Only one appears to have since permanently closed (Forster in 2014).


(27 Women’s Sheds on the list; 20 likely open in 2022: 6 permanently closed in Nov 2021)

Name of Shed (County) Established(*= open in 2022) Publicly available information [when updated]
Beara Women’s Shed (Allihies, West Cork) 2018

CLOSED Dec 2021

 Contact: Ger Scully, Shed Secretary,  gerscully7@gmail.com . Established in the winter of 2018; invited by Allihies Men’s Shed to share their facilities and premises. The community here is rural, and with a very low population widely distributed. So a small group of local women set up weekly Meetings of Beara Women’s Shed to try to bring folk together. A mixed group of people are involved . Around 14 was the maximum attendance and all age groups and walks of life have been involved. After meeting at the shed over a period of a few months it was clear to see that everyone wished to participate in all kinds of workshops & so the ETB (Educational Training Board) were contacted and workshop dates were confirmed. To date the group have participated in workshops such as woodturning, basket making, and many other activities. Last year the group made up a selection of hanging baskets and window boxes and sold them locally to raise funds for their insurance. Beara Women’s Shed ethos is quite simple: ‘It is a place for women on the Beara Peninsula to socialise together, chat & share their skills in a supportive environment. It’s a space where women will feel welcome, encouraged by each other & inspired to develop, learn and share new skills in a range of arts & crafts. The Womens Shed also strives to be environmentally conscious & sustainable with a focus on utilising recycled materials’ .
We hope to reconvene after restrictions are lifted and continue with some projects , Gardening, walking and some more craftworks . For further details see our  Facebook page ‘Beara Womens Shed’. Update 3 Dec 2021 on Facebook: ‘We failed to form a new committee at the meeting this week . So consequently the women’s shed is closing’ [May 2022]
Midleton Women’s Shed (Cork) July 2019* Midleton Women’s Shed was established in 2019 in the summer, in the local community garden and we had our first meet ups in the big potting Shed. Initially we had 13 members and then up to 40 in the peak but regularly about 15 to 20 active members on weekly and sometimes twice a week meet ups. The aims of the group was to create safe and friendly space for women to meet up, exchange knowledge and skills and learn new ones throughout organized workshops that we had many over the time (tai chi, horticulture, confidence coaching, mindfulness, NIA dance, fermentation workshops, nature and art therapy and others). We still operate but due to the current situation our numbers are low – 9 members active on the whattsapp group, and only about 4 or 5 members coming to the meetings when the restrictions allow us to, and usually we have them outdoors. Our recent activities were forest school course, labyrinth building, mandala making, sound baths, NIA dance, calisthenics. We are active on social media nearly every day, supporting each other and exchanging our knowledge and skills only if we can. I’m the coordinator of our group at the moment and my details are: Magda Swierczek: magda.rydzanicz@gmail.com  0892350238
‘I’d like to say that it’s been a life saver to be part of this group to myself and some other group members over the time since we operate and especially since the difficult times occurred due to Covid. The support is really amazing among our group. We also helped other groups to get their Shed started  in their communities.’ Update on Facebook page Shed open in 2022 [May 2022]
Mná na nDéise / Ennis Women’s Shed (Clare) 2016


FACEBOOK ‘Fifth in the world, 1st in Europe’, closed in 2017, ‘ask not what you can do for your shed, but what your shed can do for you’. Mná na nDéise was only open for about 9 months and operated out of the Men’s Shed. Closed permanently when the men had to move to another premises. Facebook page still posting while closed [May 20220
Castlebar Women’s Shed (Mayo) 2016* FACEBOOK: At Le Cheile Family Resource Centre; active to 2020, meets Mon & Wed: castlebarwomensshed@gmail.com +353 85 7296458. FACEBOOK: Opened in 2016. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 1pm – 5pm St Vincent De Paul premises, Pavilion Road, Castlebar. Active until Covid. Temporarily closed early 2021 restarted when Covid restrictions lifted. The aim of shed is to promote social interaction and increase the quality of life and improve the overall wellbeing of all involved in the shed. Women are encouraged to learn new skills or if they have a skill, to share it, have fun while doing so and make good friends in the process. Castlebar Women’s Shed was set up for women of all ages to re-connect with the community. It is a safe place where women can interact with each other and participate in various learning projects. We offer arts and crafts, flower arranging, crochet and needle skills, and most importantly companionship’. 10 members.
T: +353 85 729 6458 castlebarwomensshed@gmail.com 2022 Update: no recent activity on Facebook [May 2022]
Oasis Breffni Women’s Shed (Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim) June 2017* FACEBOOK: OASIS  open to ladies of all ages and meets every Friday, from 10am to 1pm, at Breffni Family Resource Centre in Carrick-on-Shannon. Activities are varied and include woodwork, pyrography, crafts, basic car maintenance, gardening, DIY, therapies, flower arranging and much more. A light lunch is provided each week. Oasis has 119 members. Tel: Suzanne at 071-9622566 Mobile: 086-0737454 2022 Update: no recent activity of Facebook MISSING EMAIL DETAIL & CONFIRMATION OF CURRENT STATUS [May 2022]
New Ross Women’s Shed (Wexford) 2016


FACEBOOK: closed in 2017 because they were not getting enough support to keep the Shed running.
Greencastle Community Women’s Shed (Donegal) 2020* Opened in 2020 and they were just starting to gather interest to see what content people wanted, day or evening etc., when Covid happened. When Covid restrictions lifted, the group continued meeting at the Community Centre in Greencastle. The activities pursued in the Shed are defined by what the people want, but will involve courses and social activities. Contact Susan McAteer,  Manager. Greencastle Community Centre. info@greencastlecentre.ie  T: 0749381054 [Nov 2021]
Rosses Women’s Shed / Sciobol Ban na Rosann (Donegal) Funded 2019* Active to 2020. Awaiting further information on aims of Shed, number of members etc  .Contact: Ann Marie O’Donnell: Cois Locha Community Centre, Gweedore Road, Dungloe Contact details: m: 0861583147 E: rossesws@gmail.com
Cró na bhFear Maighcuilinn  Women’s Shed (Galway) CLOSED *This shed used to operate from the same building as the Men’s Shed (Cró na bhFear Maighcuilinn), but the Men’s Shed did think it would be possible to share a space with the women. They were concerned that sharing the workspace might cause tensions. They also thought if was not a good idea for insurance purposes. It was decided that it was better for the women to open up their own shed in the same building and not to share equipment. When the Men’s Shed (Cró na bhFear Maighcuilinn) had to move. premises , the Women’s Shed stayed but they never thrived after that and closed shortly thereafter.
Tomhaggard Women’s Shed (Wexford)


2015* Tomhaggard Women’s Shed TWS opened in June 2015. They have a membership of 48 ladies. The main body of women meet on Monday mornings from 10am -1pm. Women with specific interests meet at other times during the week and on a Monday (creative writing group, sewing group, art class, yoga, clay moulding). All these activities were ongoing until March 2020 when the country went into lockdown during which members were in constant contact through Zoom and WhatsApp . Open 4 days a week by Nov 2021 with varying activities but only 60 per cent returning because of nervousness about group meetings. The main aims of the group are to provide a space for women in a very rural area to meet and socialise with each other, many of whom are neighbours and have been all their lives but have never had an opportunity to sit and chat and get to know each other properly. The committee try to provide a wide variety of activities, including having guest speakers pertaining to but not always about women’s issues, Amnesty International, Women’s Refuge, Pieta House to mention but a few. We also like to entertain other groups to learn from each other and share our interests. They have classes in everything from clay moulding ,art, sewing, quilling, yoga, tai chi, gardening, mosaics stained glass. The Women decide what they would like to try and the committee endeavour to find a tutor to facilitate their interests. Contact: Angela Byrn, Chairperson,  E: angelasquillos@gmail.com. This Shed is included as a case study in Barry Golding’s 2021 book. [Nov 2021]
Women’s Shed Cooley (Louth) 2015

CLOSED in 2017

FACEBOOK On the Cooley Peninsua, Cooley Sports Complex, Tuesdays 7.30pm, no longer operating
Third Space Galway Women’s Shed (Galway) 2019 Received €1,542 in 2019 under the CEP fund to ‘Purchase of ICT equipment for use by the women’s shed in the delivery of a range of services’ MISSING CONTACT DETAILS
Strokestown Women’s Shed (Roscommon)


Aug 2018* Created Aug 2018 to bring women together, share skills and combat isolation. In November 2019, they had plans to connect with other Women’s Sheds. They had 88 active members to 2020, Tuesdays 2pm. Contact Chairperson Julia Goodwin 0872222704 juliabellagoodwin@gmail.com [Nov 2021]
 Edenderry Women’s Shed (Offaly) INCLUDED AS A CASE STUDY IN ‘WOMEN’S SHED WORLDWIDE’ BOOK CHAPTER, (Golding & Carragher, 2021, pp. 334-5) 2016* FACEBOOK: to be part of a group to share and learn crafts, art. DIY, personal development, Meets Fridays, active to 2020, awaiting email address & more information. On a weekly basis, different community groups use the Edenderry Community Cabin, including Edenderry Women’s Shed.  Contact Niamh McKernan, Offaly Local Development Company E: nmckernan@offalyldc.ie . Included as a case study in Barry Golding’s 2021 book. [Nov 2021]
Dunboyne Women’s Shed (Meath) ?* FACEBOOK Aims ‘to rekindle friendships, spark up new ones and there might be a cup of tea thrown in for good measure’. The group met in Dunboyne Community Centre. Temporarily closed during Covid. Contact Margaret 00353852126277 MISSING EMAIL CONTACT; 2022 update: activity obvious on Facebook Open Fridays 10am-12 midday, Oak Centre, Dunborne [May 2022]
Deise Women’s Shed (Dungarven, Waterford) 2019* FACEBOOK: Our mission is to provide a forum where women can come together regularly to share skills, have a chat and socialise with other members. We also engage with community programmes and activities
‘180 women, the biggest such group in the country’, ‘set up to combat rural and social isolation’: Temporarily closed due to Covid early 2021,Contact: Denise Flynn E: mnanadeise@gmail.com E: deisewomensshed18@gmail.com T: +353 87 985 3716 2022 update: plenty of activity in 2022 reported via Facebook [May 2022]
Ballina Women’s Heritage Shed (Mayo) May 2016 FACEBOOK: Provide a welcoming positive environment for the women of Ballina & surrounding areas to meet and connect with each other, to share ideas and learn new skills, foster new friendships, participate in a range of activities and promote positive health and wellbeing. The group meets every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm in the Ballina Training Centre, Mercy Road, Ballina. TE: ballinawomensshed@gmail.com  T:+353 85 2732551 2022 update: no evident activity on Facebook site since mid 2018 [May 2022]
Women’s Shed Belleek (Fermanagh) ?* FACEBOOK: Ladies 18+ in the Belleek area meet on a Tuesday night 7.30-9pm at Belleek Community Centre (playgroup building) to participate in various activities, ‘drink tea, eat cake, learn new skills & have a laugh’. In Nov 2021 holding teaching sessions led by hired tutors or group members: often handicrafts such as embroidery, crochet, knotting. Also women’s wellbeing sessions or physical activity such as tai chi, yoga, mindfulness, taster sessions. Cooperate with Belleek Men’s Shed on community actions such as fundrasing for charity E: womensshedbelleek@yahoo.com Jan Corrie Secretary 02868659799 [Nov 2021]
Dublin’s First Women’s Shed Open 2014 CLOSED 2015 NO OTHER INFO AVAILABLE
Rosslare Women’s Shed (Wexford) Commenced mid 2010s, CLOSED . Met on Wednesday 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Contact: Jackie 087 6468677 or Paula 086 7870696 MISSING OTHER DETAIL
The Hen’s Shed, Kircubben (County Down, NI) ?* ‘Forget Men’s Shed, we have Hen’s Shed. Meeting up weekly to meet new people, socialise and have fun. You will build confidence and improve your mental health and wellbeing. Meet weekly at Kircubbin Community Centre, spin room every Tuesday. Activities include: arts and crafts, gardening, flower arranging, boccia and bingo’. T: 004428 427 39021.
susan@peninsulahealthyliving.org No update to Facebook site since March 2020 [Nov 2021]
 Kilcommon Women’s Shed (Tipperary) ?* http://www.teachgreannai.ie/page9.html seirbhisicuram@gmail.com Meets every Thursday at Teach Greannai at 7pm. Activities include gardening, woodwork, crafts, computer skills and DIY. The Women’s Shed running on the same principles as the Men’s Shed as non-profit organisations, to advise and improve the overall wellbeing of all women Teach Greannai E: seirbhisicuram@gmail.com
The Hen’s Shed, (Richill, Armagh NI) ?* The Hens’ Shed is located on Main Street Richhill Co Armagh. As a nod to the Men’s Shed organisation, where men meet and socialise, the Hens are also involved in craft work – plate decorating, crochet, sewing, glass decoration and paper art to name but a few skills being practised; eventually they want to establish an enterprise to sell the products they make.
Although open all week, they meet together every Wednesday afternoon to take advantage of the wellbeing room for massage, reflexology, salt therapy and nail art. There’s a healthy connection between the two Sheds: the women paint and decorate for the men, the men create wooden pieces such as tables and benches for the ladies. The Hen’s Shed is designed to help women experiencing mental health issues, a lack of confidence or low self-esteem Contact: Shirley Agnew outoftheshadows38@hotmail.co.uk
Sallins Women’s Shed, Kildare 2019* Kildare’s very first women’s shed. Sallins Women’s Shed was formed in 2019 to bring local women together for personal development and mutual support. Before COVID-19, meetings took place twice a week and a real buzz was building around the first women’s shed in County Kildare. During COVID-19, workshops were provided free and delivered via Zoom. The members continue to stay in touch and hope to get back to face-to-face meetings soon. Total members: 263. Contact  communityedkildare@kwetb.ie .
Drumlish Ballinamuck Women’s Shed, Longford 2019* There is limited evidence available for this shed, but it is likely that it operates from Drumlish Men’s Shed. Their Facebook page notes, it is a “community group which welcomes women of all ages and nationalities. We offer a safe and inviting atmosphere for all women to get together where they can share and improve skills.” Plenty of activity in 2022 on its Facebook site [May 2022]
 Mna Ag Gaire Ennis Women’s Shed (Clare) 2020* Mná Ag Gaire Ennis Women’s Shed was established in June 2020. At the beginning of the pandemic when it became obvious that nursing homes were having great difficulty in access PPE a call was put out to women of Clare to help producing scrubs and face masks. 50 women responded to the call and 13 care facilities in the area were subsequently supplied with PPE. During this time the social isolation that women were experiencing became apparent and the general consensus from the women was that they enjoyed being part of a big group and wanted to continue. To early 2021 are still operating online only, due to Covid. Mná Ag Gaire currently has 205 members. They have a physical location in Tracklands Business Park in Ennis that is currently used for storage and HQ activities only, they are hoping to have a big opening when covid restrictions allow are lifted. The main aims of Mná Ag Gaire are to provide a place to meet, share skills and combat loneliness for all women in Ennis, Co. Clare. Their mission is to ‘actively address social issues that affect women including poverty, inequality, discrimination, social exclusion by increasing their knowledge, skills, consciousness and confidence through our unique concept of combining a digital learning hub with a creative community space.’ Contact: Katharina Kruger and Hilary Tonge
mnaaggaire@gmail.com  0857563834 / 0872835769
http://www.mags.ie https://www.facebook.com/MnaAgGaire
private member group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/magsennis
Instagram & Twitter @mnaaggaire
TNMT) Hens’ Shed (Derry, NI) Launched Sept 2021* The Triax Neighbourhood Management Team (TNMT) Hens’ Shed is located in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Hen’s Sheds is a new and exciting project for all ages and will be an opportunity for local women to learn new skills, meet new people, socialize and have fun. Employment, upcycling and decorating, volunteering opportunities.  You decide!  The Hen’s Shed launched on 23rd September 2021.Register at the coffee morning or at our website  www.triaxneighbourhoodmanagementteam.com.  For further information contact donna@bbinitiative.org or phone 028 71261916.  [Oct 2021]

Table 4: UK 

(29 UK Women’s Sheds on list: 24 most likely open in 2022)

Name of Shed (Location) Year Established (*= Open in 2022) Publicly available information [when updated]
Bellshill Women’s Shed (Uddingston, Glasgow, Scotland) 2018* Women’s DIY Workshop, Co-hosted by Bellshill Men’s Shed. FACEBOOK bellshillwomensshed@gmail.com,  +44 7851 932293,Wed & Fri 11.30-2.30pm.
Whitby Women’s Shed (The She Shed) (North Yorkshire, England) Dec 2017* Whitby Women’s Shed is one of five sheds set up by Whitby District Sheds, a registered charity. All the sheds welcome women but two are specifically for women: Whitby Women’s Shed and Staithes Women’s Shed. Whitby Women’s Shed started about 5 months after Sleights Area Men’s Shed (SAMS) in 2016 when SAMS arranged a trial women’s workshop using the lathe.‘Nicknamed the “She Shed”, it was planned and organised over a 6 month period and has been operational since Dec. 2017. It has already had an impact on the outlook of individual She Shedders in a way very similar to that of SAMS with men. Reduced isolation, raised confidence, motivation and hope. Whitby Women’s Shed has been under the wing of SAMS, funded through Asda/RVS Shed Programme and Two Ridings Community Foundation. The plan is to transition to Shed Coordinators to oversee the She Shed day to day before a separate constitution and trustee body is set up. Expansion to two shed days a week is on the cards.’ Within the Shed, women take part in a range of activities including crafts such as knitting, as well as using the lathe, table saw, chop saw and joining in with whatever is going on. There are approximately seven women in Whitby Women’s Shed. They are aged 60+. They do not have any paid staff, only volunteers. Everyone pays £4 per session. This covers rental cost of the shed. The Shed closed in March 2021 due to Covid but members keep in touch via Zoom three times a week – twice for conversation and once for doing something things like cookery and quizzes. Contact: E: graham_storer@btinternet.com T: 07763656627
Sheffield She Shed (South Yorkshire, England) * Sheffield She Shed: Open Friday’s – 10am – 1pm – William Sutton Community Hall, 14 Dunella Road, Sheffield S6 4EG
She Shed Association:



Barnsley She Shed (South Yorkshire)

Launched 8 March 2017. (International Women’s Day) Open before COVID19* www.sheshed.org;  Targeting older women. Used as a women’s ‘maker place case study’ by Dr Busayawan Lam of Brunel University. Post about opening: https://www.sheshed.org.uk/post/158116317149 . Contact: Sandra sandra@inclusioninaction.org . The She Shed is a larger communal version of the typical shed in a garden. A place where women feel at home and pursue practical interests in company, with a high degree of autonomy. Hobbies shape women’s personalities, energise, inspire and connect them with other like-minded women. Expressing one’s creativity often ends up giving life its meaning. For women, there also seems to be a universal desire to express creativity. Women have an insatiable desire to shape order from chaos & to create things that never existed before. They want to produce magic with paints, wool & glass or create beauty with words and music.The She Shed Association is a communal place of skill-sharing & informal learning, of individual pursuits and community projects, of purpose, achievement & social interaction. It is a place of leisure, where women come together to engage in enjoyable activities. This avoids the challenges created by the sense of loneliness that affects especially older people who have been active all their lives & find it difficult to create new relationships in a world which is changing so quickly. Very strong association with the Barnsley Men’s Shed and Sheffield Men’s Shed, sharing the woodwork workshop facilities in Barnsley. The Sheds have  funding from the National Lottery Covid19 fund to pilot remote livestreaming of workshops. Also to purchase Facebook Portals to give out to Shedders, so they can participate remotely. The pilot started July 2020 and is due to be completed by Dec 2020. A SHED LIVESTREAMING DIARY will be available on the www.barnsleymensshed.orgwebsite as well as on the www.sheshed.org.uk  linked to the main www.inclusioninaction.org  website. Barnsley She Shed meets on Wednesday 11am – 3pm at The Depot, Worsbrough Community Park, Worsbrough, Barnsley, S704SB. Also meets Fri & Sat at The Studio, Worsbrough Mill, Barnsley S70 for paining, arts & crafts  Contact Sandra Tel: 07989 384 528. The She Shed Association was included as a Women’s Shed case study in Barry Golding’s 2021 ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ book. [last updated Nov 2021]
Horndean Ladies Shed (Waterlooville, Hampshire, England) Closed Horndean Ladies Shed (now closed) used meet on Monday evenings and Friday afternoons in Waterlooville Hampshire PO8 9LJ. It was open to anyone in the Portsmouth area.Carol Smith, Previous Contact person, 0239 2597114. [Nov 2021]
Moss Side Women’s Shed (Manchester) Open* The Boiler House, www.boilerhouse.org, 15 members, Woodwork & furniture restoration, 9 Wilcock St Manchester M16 7DA, Mobile 07704549395; Phone 01614656954; Open Thurs 12.30-2.30pm: Shed Contact Laura Weaver info@boilerhouse.org.  ‘Brings women together to learn & share new practical skills, empower & build confidence. Sessions focus mainly on woodwork & furniture restoration, but participants are free to bring their own interests & ideas to the group. Open to all – based in diverse Moss Side area. As only women attending, this encourages participation of women from many cultural and BAME [Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic] backgrounds. A Men’s Shed began on the site first: calls for a women’s equivalent encouraged women to open a Women’s Shed. ‘Our Women’s and Men’s Sheds are run by an experienced trainer, teaching practical skills, tool use and tool safety. We are able to support the continuation of the group through various grant funding.’ Awaiting response to email for further information.
Colwyn Bay She-Shed (Conwy, Wales) 9 Jan 2018*
Colwyn Bay She-Shed started on back of a Men’s Shed cancer morning in 2018, with a group of women developing am interest in attending the Shed. There was some opposition from some men in the Men’s Shed to the idea of women attending. As a compromise, to enable the women to use the Men’s Shed rooms and lathes etc., they offered the women a separate slot on a Monday evening. On Thursday morning 2-3 Men’s Shed members teach how to use the equipment and make items safely. They have between 6-12 women, aged 50+. They started Thursday evenings as a new venture of joint usage, with about 15 regular members, varying because of holidays, illness & work commitments. Although Colwyn Bay She-Shed  operates within the Men’s Shed, they are independent. They set up their own bank account, developed their own constitution, and they make all decisions about what to do and make. They are temporarily closed due to Covid-19 , but keeping in contact via technology. Ann Williams, Chairperson: MISSING CONTACT DETAILS [updated Nov 2021]
MissPlaces – Women’s Shed (Wigan, Manchester, England) * AWomen’s Sheds project, supporting women across the Wigan Borough, to be entrepreneurial and develop new skills. Projects include Art, Crafts, Homemaking skills (Knitting and Sewing), Gardening, DIY skills, amongst many. A place for Women to socialise and learn new skills, and reduce Women in Isolation. A chance to share skills and make products as part of the Made in Wigan project. It doesn’t matter what skill level you are at, we welcome any Women over 16 who would like to learn new skills. Funded via Wigan Councils& The Deal for Communities Investment Fund. Location: Platt Bridge Community Zone, 81 Ribble Road, Platt Bridge, Wigan WN2 5EGAmanda Robinson, Director, amandarobinson67@live.co.uk

07738114389 [Nov 2022]

The Sheds (Paisley, Scotland)*


Feb 2019* Janice MacNamara, reported in July 2020 that ‘the Women’s Shed is run out of Foxbar Youth Centre, Findhorn Avenue Paisley. The Men’s Shed had been running since Oct 2015, the Women’s Shed started as result of how well the Men’s Shed was doing & an identified need in the community. On 6 Feb 2020 the men’s & women’s sheds became “The Sheds”, still meeting on separate days, Mondays for men and Thursday for women although they will be involved together at times, e.g. for community events, skill sharing and learning, running of children’s summer camp and yearly Christmas parties. They have a constitution, a bank account and formed their own board of trustees and committee. As of February 2021 they will be applying for funding under The Sheds and will be self-sufficient. During Covid19 The Sheds stopped meeting but have a weekly Zoom meeting; also formed a Facebook page (The Sheds Foxbar) holding interesting conversations, sharing knowledge, learn and supporting each other. All men and women from Renfrewshire over 16 years can attend The Sheds, it is free to attend, tea, coffee & lunch provided along with a welcoming smile. Men Shed Monday 11-3.30;  Women Shed Thursday 11- 3.’ Walking group, every first Saturday of the month. Allotment members can attend anytime’. The women’s shed in 2021 was run by Deborah Hamilton, a volunteer with Foundations First, a housing support service run by Shelter Scotland with funding from the STV Children’s Appeal.  Ages from 16 up are welcome. MISSING CONTACT DETAILS [Nov 2021]
Aspire Ryde (Isle of Wight, England) * Come and learn new skills, use our tools and workshop to make items of your choice. Woodwork items you make, can be taken home or sold in the art gallery. Men only: Tuesdays, 10.30-3.30pm, Weds 10.30-1pm; People with additional needs: Wednesdays, 1-3pm; Women only: Fridays, 1pm-4pm; Woodwork, Women only Fri 1-4. Heath Monaghan (now CEO of Aspire Ryde), together with a local community group, took ownership of the Holy Trinity Church in Paisley in February 2014 and developed Aspire Ryde; a social hub for the local community, gain a feeling of belonging, regardless of gender, age, mental health or employment status. Aspire Ryde achieve this through delivering numerous music and creative arts groups, with a number of sessions dedicated to improving wellbeing a ‘Men in Sheds’ and ‘Women in Sheds’ group which encourage men and women to be useful with their hands. For example, through the refurbishment of donated bicycles, they build up friendships and provide peer support, which helps to reduce social isolation. Aspire Ryde also hires out areas within the hub for client meetings, parties and events, in addition to running a café and pop up restaurant; selling paint donated by manufacturers to other community groups or local members of the community; and selling donated furniture and bicycles refurbished by the Men in Sheds group. The business now sees around 2500 people utilising its services every week and turnover increased from around £20,000 in the first year to over £100,000 in 2016. MISSING CONTACT DETAILS [Nov 2021]
Gerald’s Room Duiss Shed (Duiss, South Norfolk) Open 2018* Gerald’s Room Diss, Norfolk IP22 4HG. ‘Men’s groups was operating, both daytime and evening. A women’s group was also operating and focusing on furniture upcycling. Adrian Roy  phone: +07938 005999 adriandc@googlemail.com reported in July 2020 that the Diss Shed ‘had a group of women who were very keen to upcycle furniture and work on mainly wood related projects. They asked to use our facilities. The group ran for around two years on a Thursday morning. They enjoyed upcycling the furniture running alongside our sister project – a furniture bank, and worked on projects such as wooden toys, jigsaw puzzles, Christmas tree decorations etc. The main leader of the group had to step down due to ill health and the group stopped meeting around two years ago’. The women’s group stopped meeting separately in 2021, instead joining the Men’s Shed in 2021, but were interested in getting it running again. [Nov 2021]
Women’s Shed / Group (Swansea, South Wales) ? NO information. MISSING CONTACT DETAIL
Bolton Women in Sheds Project (Manchester, England) 2018  attempted to raise funds to start a women’s shed


In May 2018, Jean Urmston, a support worker from Bolton wrote, ‘Men in Sheds projects are a proven model in helping to bring about confidence, wellbeing and the learning of new and useful skills for men who are socially isolated. We have been asked by many women during the last year if there are going to be any Women in Sheds projects running in the local area, such has been the response from women that I have decided to meet this need by organising and running two weekly sessions in Bolton covering basic construction, food growing, make do and mend and furniture and clothing upcycling. Funds raised will be spent on construction tools, sowing machines, horticultural resources, session tutors. If successful we will run two weekly sessions over a one year period and will provide regular blogs and videos so people can watch the project develop.’
No other information: Shed presumed inactive. NO CONTACT DETAILS [Nov 2021]
Cockermouth Women in Sheds (Cumbria, England) * Women in Sheds 93 Main Street Cockermouth, Weekly Tuesdays 1.00pm-4.00pm. For more information contact Age UK: 01900 844680 Age UK: 01900 844680 Project Cumbria, England, FACEBOOK, info@ageukwestcumbria.org.uk
Winsford Women’s Shed (Norwich, England) 2019* A WOMEN in Sheds project has held its last session in Hartford (June 2019) ahead of a move to Winsford, where it will run for two sessions a week rather than one. The Age UK programme began as a six-month pilot in 2017 and went from strength to strength. It aimed to offer women opportunities of learning new skills and forming new friendships. The final official session was held in Hartford on Friday, although its members are now reaching out to the community to try and source funding to carry on independently.’ One member said: “We were only told three weeks ago with five weeks’ notice, so it was a complete shock to us “It’s a real shame. It’s such a good community spirit we have here “A lot of women have the same issues as men but a lot have additional carer responsibilities as well. They are isolated and the group really does make the difference. “If there is no alternative here in Hartford we really want to set up an independent community group for the Friday sessions – we don’t want to stop. “We would need some funding, and some help with running the sessions.” Another member added: “We are all very sad because some of us can’t get to Winsford – not all of us have the transport of the time to get there. It’s such a shame because it’s a little lifeline for a lot of members. “The Men in Sheds sessions at Hartford, held four days a week from Monday to Thursday, will continue unaffected. Lucy Welsh, from Age UK, said: “We set up Women in Sheds as a pilot in 2017 – we had a small avenue of funding to deliver sessions for the women on Fridays. “We have since opened a completely separate shed in Winsford, and the idea was always going to be that it would be two days a week in Winsford. “The provision is not disappearing, but rather moving from Norwich to Winsford and opening two days a week rather than one. “If the women want to come to Winsford then that’s great, but we would be really keen to support them to set up in their own right in Norwich in the future.” Anyone who can offer support or advice with funding for the existing Women in Sheds Hartford members can email: gillheddon@hotmail.com Further information from gillheddon@hotmail.com www.ageuk.org.uk/cheshire/activities-and-events/women-in-sheds  [Nov 2021]
Leeds Women in Sheds Project, (West Yorkshire, England) ? www.blackhealthinitiative.org/women-in-sheds MISSING INFO & CONTACT DETAILS
Penge Women in Sheds Project, (Bromley, London, England) 2014* Penge Shed, Kingsdale House, Kingsdale Road, Penge SE20 7PR. 3 Sheds, each supported by Age UK Bromley & Greenwich, and each of them have a women’s element. Penge open Wed & Thurs to both men & women; Eltham Shed for men on Tues & Thurs and for men on Wednesday. In Nov 2021 Woolwich Shed was closed due to COVID but planned to reopen. Men In Sheds Penge was set up in 2014 initially as one day a week; its popularity became immediately obvious. Now opened three days a week it’s a busy and vibrant environment, recognised by many as a valuable community resource. Mainly a wood workshop, commissions have ranged from a full size Tardis, elephants, reindeer, and a whole range of planters and benches. Members can work together on the various commissions, work on their own projects or just drink a cuppa and put the world to rights. For further 020 8294 3017. Two coordinators: cdenny@ageukbandg.org.uk  & spaxman@ageukbandg.org.au [Nov 2021]
Tunbridge Wells Women’s Shed, (Kent, England) ? FACEBOOK, www.khwp.org.uk/ways2wellbeing/sherwod-shed, MISSING CONTACT DETAIL. [Nov 2021]
Bromley & Greenwich Women’s Shed (London, England) 2018* Women in Sheds is a pilot initiative which started in 2018. Women over 50 are welcome to attend and learn woodworking. Planned activities include recycling second-hand materials into gardening containers, trugs, bird tables and boxes. Volunteers with an interest or experience in any of the following are welcome: sourcing recyclable items, woodwork, design, marketing or IT skills.  Any men or women aged over 50 and interested in joining Age UK Bromley and Greenwich’s Men in Sheds or pilot Women in Sheds groups can contact them at 020 8294 3013 Telephone: 020 8315 1878 Email: info@ageukbandg.org.uk NEED MORE INFO: this may be part of Penge Shed, above.
Woolwich Women’s Shed (London, England) 2015* Woolwich Women’s Shed, YMCA Thames Gateway,
Antelope Road, The Dockyard (off Woolwich Church Street), Woolwich, SE18 5QG. Open Tuesday (Women in Sheds) and Wednesday 10:00 till 15:30 The Woolwich Men’s Shed opened in 2015 in the Woolwich Dockyard YMCA. Small but well equipped it is less industrial than the other sheds with the emphasis on craft based projects. Our many activities include picture framing, toy making, guitar making and repairs alongside standard items such as bird boxes, bug hotels, planters and other garden products In 2018, they started the Women’s Shed. Sue, 60, an ex-design and technology teacher was one of the first to sign up. “There’s a lot of job satisfaction in making things, but the social side is a big part of it too,” she says. “A lot of the ladies meet up outside too and during lockdown we all kept in touch and supported each other.” Project Co-ordinators 020 8294 3017. NEED MORE INFO: May be part of Penge Shed, above. [Nov 2021]
Women’s Shed Porth (Wales) 2016* Women’s Shed Porth is supported by SHEDNET, a local charity set up in 2016 to help valley people establish Men and Women Shed facilities and activities. ‘One of the projects they run is THE SHED which is a relaxing and friendly place to enjoy quality food and drink, support community activity and create work related learning opportunities for local people. The first Men Shed we supported was the Porth Men Shed which was a woodworking facility. This was very successful and surprisingly women asked if it was possible to open a WOMEN SHED! We hadn’t thought of that at the time but why not and we did with the opening of the Porth Women Shed . who are separate SHEDS but still work closely together.’ As with all people SHEDS are suffering from the effects of COVID-19 and it is clear that in years to come many more people will suffer from social isolation. This DIGITAL SHED has been created to support our existing SHEDS; support the opening of new SHEDS and more importantly to support our individual members – our SHEDDERS Women’s Shed Porth meets on a Monday and Friday 9:30-12 noon 12:30-2:00pm. They are based at TABS. Penhiwgwynt Road, Porth. Tel: 01443 682312. Contact: Paul Nagle, E: shednetcymru@gmail.com  T: 07895791461 [Nov 2021]
Biggin Hill Independent Shed, Women in Sheds (London, England) Feb 2019* In February 2019, it was reported that Biggin Hill-based DIY group Men in Sheds is throwing open its doors to women in a bid to build on its membership now that Lottery funding has dried up. The go-getting group of over-fifties, who meet on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am to 3pm at the Youth Centre in Church Road, are so determined to keep their weekday workshop going, they have now agreed to offer their sacred space to females with a flair for making things on Fridays from March 1. Men In Sheds chairman Peter Martin, 67, says the idea was initially met with resistance but members realise it is for the greater good of the project, saying: “We had a choice, either to close down or continue. Many of us have invested a lot of time in it, so we don’t want it to close.” Biggin Hill Councillor Melanie Stephens, who was instrumental in initially setting up the “shed”, is confident women with a creative side will enjoy learning how to use hand tools and machines, under the careful guidance of the volunteers. She said: “It’s something a bit different and learning how to use the machinery. It’s also about companionship not just about DIY.” The group, which produces all manner of recycled goods made from wood, and offers a repair service on site, is open to anyone over 50 and is just a £2 per session. More information Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1154721894608068/Women in Sheds is available on a Friday. Tel: 07763215037 E: bigginhillshed@gmail.com [Nov 2021]
Frome Women’s Shed (Somerset, England) Public meeting April 2018, open 2020* The Frome Women’s Shed (an offshoot of the Frome Men’s Shed). Frome Women’s Shed meet ‘to make and mend things together, learn new skills, make friends, work on their own projects and on projects that benefit the community. Men are not excluded, and we have valuable help from some of our Men Shedders. The overriding purpose of the Shed is social contact, and for forming friendships.’ Some of the projects we undertake are traditionally ‘female’ ones, but this is no bar to one or two men who have joined us, and who have been seen using sewing machines! There are always some of us busy in the machine room with woodwork projects , and some of the men’s shedders generously assist us on occasions with those. Most of the time the members’ own projects are carried out, sometimes these are in a group, and sometimes individuals just work side by side – and there is always chatter and laughter in the room. The most important thing is that people have met each other and made friends, for many there has been relief from stress, and sometimes from isolation, imposed by changing circumstances. The equipment we have includes sewing machines and some art supplies as well as the workshop tools and benches, and here are some of our activities, many of which are illustrated on our Facebook pages: Machine sewing / Beautiful hardwood bread and cheese boards / Making quilts for poorly babies / Fiddle mitts for dementia patients / A full size wooden rocking horse / lino-cutting and printing / macrame wall hangings and pot holders / Christmas wreaths with natural materials / drawing, painting / whittling / use of hand tools in woodwork / use of portable machine tools / rag doll making / bird boxes, bat boxes / wooden games kits for children to build / upcycling furniture / chair caning and upholstery. Frome Women’s Shed is open from 9am to 1pm every Monday at the Welsh Mill, Park Hill Drive, Frome, BA11 2LE. Contact Ros on 07500-061624 or by email to women@fromeshed.org.uk
Rhyl Women’s Shed (Rhyl, Wales) Jan 2019* Simon Poole, Development Officer for North Wales reported in July 2020 that it is ‘an offshoot from Rhyl Men’s Shed, who early in 2020 took on the lease of a derelict pub in the middle of the town not a functioning pub) and converted it into a community Hub, hosting the Men’s Shed two days a week, the Women’s Shed one day and a youth group (much needed) two evenings.’ The age group is mixed, started from 20 years plus. Rhyl Women’s Shed is a joint venture run by the staff of Brighter Futures Rhyl and Co-options. Brighter Futures is a Charitable Incorporated Association support local children, young people, families and the older generation to actively participate in community activities, address local issues and influence decisions that affect our lives. Co-options is a social enterprise for ‘Connecting people with Learning Disabilities to opportunities’. ‘Brighter Futures in Rhyl have been successfully managing Rhyl Men’s Shed for a few years and a few of the staff felt that it was time they introduced a Women’s Shed to Rhyl. It is an informal Ladies Group, Which is run from Brighter futures house 29-33 Abbey Street Rhyl. It provides a place where women can meet and do as much or as little as you want, take part in various activities and courses if you wish or just drop in for a cuppa and a chat! So why not pop in on Wednesday and see what you think. We are open from 10am till 2 pm and the kettle is always on.’ MISSING CONTACT DETAILS.
Redcar [Men’s & Women’s] Shed (North Yorkshire, England) 2018* Redcar Women’s Shed is part of Redcar Men’s Shed. Redcar Women’s Shed started in 2018, with one session a week for women. The activities included things like how to fit a socket, how to change a fuse, how to restart Wi-Fi. Then they got into how to use to use the tools, e.g. bandsaw, hand tools etc. Now all new members go through this training on use of tools, male and female. The manager John Lambert, employed to run the shed by Footprints in the Community, a charitable organisation in Redcar, asked the women if they wanted to mix with the men. This would have meant that the women could come into the shed 4 days a week instead of one. The women said no – they said they were involved in different activities from the men and felt it was better to keep it separate. John said Covid changed all this – they have now amalgamated the sheds. Prior to lockdown, they ran mixed sessions from Monday to Thursday 9am-2pm. To ensure social distancing, the number of members in the Shed was limited and all sessions were pre-booked in advance. Since lockdown, everyone has been working remotely, running the shed through zoom calls, with everyone working together sharing videos and advising each other. One woman has built her own workshop based on help and advice from all the members. There are approximately 30 women members, aged from late 20s up to 76 years. Membership is £15 per year (pro rata). Each session (of up to five hours) costs £2.50, including tea/coffee. John Lambert reported that the lesson from shutdown is working together is the way forward. Going forward the shed will be known as Redcar Shed going forward. There will be no mention of men or women in the name. Contact John Lambert. T: 07526 994468
E: mensshed@footprintsinthecommunity.co.uk
Staiths Women’s Shed (The She Shed)(North Yorkshire, England) 2018* Staithes Women’s Shed is one of five sheds set up by Whitby District Sheds, a registered charity. Two of these sheds are for women; Whitby Women’s Shed and Staithes Women’s Shed.  The Staithes Women’s Shed is open on Thursdays (10am – 1.30pm) in the outbuilding to the rear of the Staithes Sports and Social Club. This Shed opened in 2018.
Within the shed, women take part in a range of activities including crafts such as knitting, as well as using the lathe, table saw, chop saw and joining in with whatever is going on. They are aged 60+.
They do not have any paid staff, only volunteers. Everyone pays £4 per session. The membership cover rental cost of the shed. The shed is currently closed due to Covid but member keep in tough via zoom three times a week – twice for conversation and once for doing something things like cookery and quizzes. Contact: E: graham_storer@btinternet.com  T: 07763656627
Women in Sheds, Charnwood (Leicestershire, England) * Women in Sheds, Charnwood. Building on the success of the Men’s Shed and in response to local demand, Age UK also offer a ‘Women in Sheds project in Charnwood to open up this creative space to women who would like to share tools and resources in working on projects of their own choosing, at their own pace and in a safe, friendly and inclusive venue. Our Shed is a place for skill sharing and informal learning, of individual pursuits and 2019*

community projects, of purpose, achievement and social interaction. It’s a venue for women to get stuck into hobbies old and new, get creative and make new friendship.’ Suggested projects include activities as varied as: • Woodworking (e.g. carpentry, joinery, turning, carving, whittling, marquetry, furniture renovation, picture frames, garden furniture, bird boxes, Xmas/Easter ornaments) • Electronics • Bike repair • Arts/crafts (painting, calligraphy, pottery) • Gardening • Upholstery • Music (singing/playing instruments) • Sports/leisure – pool, skittles, carpet bowls, darts, dominoes, cards • Model trains, boats, planes, cars etc. • IT/communication – computers, languages. There will be a small contribution towards refreshments and other day-to-day expenses, but apart from that all facilities are free of charge. Martin Gladders—Men in Sheds Co-ordinator 01509 211 603 or 07738 820 988 E: martin.gladders@ageukleics.org.uk

Women in Sheds, Winsford (Cheshire, England) * There has always been a demand for women in sheds and following a successful pilot at Hartford Shed, our project is now based at Winsford where the project enables ladies to learn new skills, share skills with each other and to come together and create things to raise revenue for the shed.’ Women in Sheds are keen to start attending craft fairs and have a wealth of ideas which are so far proving to be popular. Women in Sheds are supported by our team of volunteers at our Winsford Shed and have been learning pen making, making trugs and planters and learning to use a range of equipment since Winsford Shed opened its doors in April 2019. THE Winsford shed on a Monday and Tuesday. The Shed address is, Lorien House, Darnhall School Lane, Winsford, CW7 1J.Women in Sheds Coordinator Neil Corbin MISSING CONTACT DETAILS
Whaplode She Shed (Lincolnshire, England) June 2018* On 21 June 2018, it was reported that Pamela Medwren was holding a garden party for women in Whaplode to launch a new group she’s called She Shed. Pamela said she ‘wants to open a ladies version of the Men in Sheds groups set up as an attempt to avoid loneliness where people can come together to learn skills and take part in activities together. To raise awareness and funds she’s organising the garden party at her home on Saturday (June 23) where she hopes potential members will join her to discuss how the She Shed might evolve and the activities its members take part.’ Pamela has some men’s groups to get ideas and says she will look to get the group doing a host of different activities at each session. She said: “I’ve spoken to a few people already who are interested in the She Shed. “We’d eventually like a place where we can meet every week and keep a lot of equipment at for those activities. That’s something the likes of the Women’s Institute don’t have and we’d like to work with groups like that as it progresses. “To launch it now in the year of the 100th anniversary would be fitting, It would be a place where mum’s and their daughters could come together and learn crafts and techniques together.” For further information on the She Shed, contact Pam: pam81madron@hotmail.com [Nov 2021]



Author: barrygoanna

Honorary Professor, Federation University Australia: researcher in men's learning through community contexts, author of 'Men learning through life' 2014) book (NIACE, UK), 'The Men's Shed Movement: The Company of Men' (2015) & 'Shoulder to Shoulder: Broadening the Men's Shed Movement' (2021) books, both published Common Ground Publishing, US.

8 thoughts on “Women’s Sheds”

  1. Hi there, we are in the process of setting up a Womens Shed in Newport Co. Tipperary Ireland. Currently looking for a location and funding to get started. Find this page has given me great enthusiasm!!
    Shoyna O Gorman

    1. Hi Shoyna, We are the Tomhaggard women’s shed in Co. Wexford. In operation since 201. I hope by now you have managed to set up your womens shed in Tipperary. We are fully back in action 4 days per week and hopefully we will be able to continue.We are are trying to establish a network for irish sheds to help groups set up new sheds and to provide advise and information on all things shed related to existing groups. If this is something your group might be intersted in please contact us at tomhaggardwomensshed@gmail.com
      Best Regards, Angela Byrne

  2. Belturbet Hens’ Shed, Co Cavan, was set up in June 2016, one of the first in Ireland. We have 83 Hens on our books! We featured on RTE’s Nationwide in December 2019. We have not met up since March 2020, but we have a very active What’s App group helping us get through these strange times.
    Chairperson: Hilary tel: 086 2806381.

  3. Hi Barry, I am President of Blue Mountains Women’s Shed. We have been in existence since 2019. Recently on the Channel 10 show ‘The Living Room’, we have a very small shed which had a renovation thanks to the TV show and promoted Women’s Sheds Australia wide.
    We have been closed all through covid, but will be officially reopening in December, we have over 1700 FB followers and around 25 financial members, up until the shed was renovated we were a mobile shed, with a trailer providing pop-up workshops for women from Lapstone to Little Hartley here in the Blue Mountains. We will still provide this service as our shed isn’t big enough to work from, we will use it more as a meeting place, to catch up for a cuppa and a chat. Kindest regards, Karen Stevenson.

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